Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Well I am still months behind being caught up on the blog and the first week of Christmas Holidays is nearing the end, with some busier days ahead again.  I am quite happy that I managed to get myself organized enough before the holidays began so that I could actually have holidays this year, instead of running like crazy.  This year our focus was on relaxing.  We all have been very busy this fall and we were more then ready for a break.  But the kids told me I was allowed to spend time at my computer to  “blog and blog and blog and blog”.  We have been enjoying the sleeping in and casual slower paced days where Rob is actually home for a bit as he has a few days off as well.

So while my Aussie readers may be feeling right at home with all my summer posts … reality is it’s winter here and we just had our first snowfall … yes, once again we did NOT have a white Christmas, I’m quite sure those don’t really exist anymore … at least not in this area, just on TV and in the movies.   But last night, one day late, we did finally get a bit of snow to enjoy.

We were suppose to have a get-together with Rob’s side of the family yesterday but since they were forecasting this storm it ended up not happening and instead we go together locally with the family members that live in this area.  The girls decided to go sleep over at their cousins afterwards and so it was just Matthew and I today … and Matthew spent the majority of the day outside


Matthew worked hard to try shovel the walkway.  He did call Mom out to help him for a little bit, but he was in and out most of they day slowly working on making the path longer or wider.  That there is one of the reasons I love snow … it gives the kids something to do outdoors in this cold weather. And I much prefer they come in with snow on their boots then mud!  The novelty does wear off if we don’t get fresh snow from time to time but even so if I kick them outdoors for a bit they usually end up finding things to keep them busy for a while.

So I only have about six more months to catch up on … by time I make it to the cold weather it will be warm out again.

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Marietta said...

Like the last picture of Matthew shovelling the snow.