Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Noah’s Birthday

We celebrated our nephew/cousin Noah’s first birthday at a park near Mark and Val’s home.  After the kids had run off some steam on the playground Marietta got them going on some group games of Hot Potato and Duck, Duck, Goose while they were waiting for supper.


Noah, opening his presents, completely oblivious to the whole significance of the event.


The kids watching


After supper we went down to the beach (Lake Ontario) for a bit so Noah could smash his cake and the kids could go swimming.


There were decent size waves and the water dropped off quite quickly.  It was all fun at first, until Matthew strayed a bit too far (which really wasn’t all that far from shore) and the waves came rolling over his head and he could not get back.  After a panic moment of yelling at the girls to help him (who were standing right by him but completely oblivious to the fact that he was not coming up above the waves) I was just about to go running in when Rebecca clued in to what I was yelling.  Let’s just say Matthew had enough of swimming for that night.


The girls didn’t want to get out, but as the sun set it was time to go home.


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