Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Summer Soccer

The kids participated in Summer Soccer again this year and this was Matthew’s first year playing.  He had been looking forward to being part of this, but after one or two times decided he didn’t really like it so much afterall


So this is where we often found him … sitting on the sidelines watching.  He told me after I inquired why he was always on the sidelines that “If I tell me coach I’m tired and need a break she lets me go sit.”  His attention span was not quite ready for longer concentration on one thing, which is often the challenge with this age group.  Hopefully next year, after being in school for a year, he’ll be able to focus a bit better on the task at hand.

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This year I coached one of the senior teams, which both Marietta and Rebecca happened to be on.  This mean that I often did not get a chance to see much of Matthew playing.  I would sneak away from my team for a bit while they were playing to go see what he was doing … with the hopes that he’d actually be on the field and not just sitting and watching.

Jada was able to participate during one of our soccer weeks.  She arrived on a soccer day and so after we picked her up from the bus she came and watched the girls playing.  The following week she dressed to play and spent the first part of the evening with me and participating in the drills that our team was doing.  For the actual game time she went and joined Matthew’s team since she wasn’t quite big enough to play with the seniors … altho she was really too big to play on the junior team and should have been with the intermediate, but she didn’t know anyone over there so we let her play on the juniors.


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