Thursday, December 27, 2012


The local town had a parade one Saturday while Jada was staying as well as a townwide garage sale.  Rebecca is a 4-H member this year and they had a float in the parade and she wanted to go on the float.  So we headed into town early enough to go garage saling for a couple hours before the parade.

I gave Jada and Matthew $2 to spend at the garage sales (the girls had their own money) and the whole way to town Jada told us how she was going to save the money and give it to her mom because her mom collected coins.   Well, we didn’t make it past the first garage sale and her money was gone.  She purchased a couple stuffed animals, one as big as Matthew and then some book ends and notebooks.  So the rest of the garage sales she was part bored and part asking if she could buy this or that and we had to keep reminding her that she spent all her money

A parade is a new experience for our family as we’ve never really been to a parade.  The only time we seen part of a parade is one year when we happened to be in town the same night as the Santa parade.  Of course now that they know you get tons of candy at a parade they are quite eager to go to a parade.


DSC01290Copy (1) of DSC00059

We sat near the beginning of the parade and watched and looked for the 4H float and Rebecca.  The entire parade went by and we did not see either.  We’re still perplexed on how 4 of us could have missed it.  We were sitting on the opposite side of the street as Rebecca was sitting on the float, so we wouldn’t have really seen her,but we should still have noticed the 4H wagon, but we didn’t see that either. 

So when the parade was over there was a little bit of a panic as to what happened to Rebecca.  We had run into another 4-H member while trying to figure out where to go for the parade and had left Rebecca with this member as they walked over to the parade float area. I didn’t even know who I had left her as Rebecca had known the member but I had not. That was the last we seen of her. So we decided to head to the end of the parade and wait there with the hope of finding her …. and we did … we got to watch her come in on their float at the end of the parade and we still have no idea how we missed seeing them the first time.


The part the kids loved the most was that we watched the parade twice, so that meant we got double the candies!

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