Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fresh Air Picnic

We were able to participate in the Fresh Air picnic again this year where the kids could go swimming, boating, tubing, roast marshmallows, eat hotdogs and good food and enjoy each others company.

Jada and the girls, especially Marietta, spent most of the time swimming and jumping off the dock.


After a bit Jada finally decided that maybe she would like to give the tube a try and so off she went for her turn.  She discovered it was fun and was a bit upset that she only got a short ride.  There were a lot more kids then last year when we attended so they could only have a short ride.


Since the kids waiting so long to decided to go tubing and boating they only ended up going for one ride as by time they decided they wanted to go riding the drivers were done for the evening.


But there was still time to roast some marshmallows, enjoy an ice cream cone …


and some more swimming before we headed home.


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