Monday, December 24, 2012

Water Fight

Last summer we participated in the Fresh Air Fund program and had Jada come stay with us for 10 days.  This year Jada came back to stay with us for two weeks.

It was a fun two weeks which we mostly enjoyed.  Jada slipped back into the family as if she had never left.  She takes a spot in the family by following our rules and routine and is eager to help out and do what is necessary to function within the family.  Our biggest issue came from Matthew.  Matthew already has issues with the girls being home for the summer.  He has “only-child' syndrome”.  He was home alone with me every day of the week and this was the way he liked it.  When the girls would be home on the weekends or even after school he would often be a different kid, a pesky, annoying kid who likes to walk around and smack or hit or just get in the way.  Last summer we had a long summer dealing with this (it took me until the end of the summer to figure out what was setting him off, I thought it was dietary issues for the longest time), so this summer I was somewhat prepared for the same thing to happen again.  It did happen again, altho not as bad, or maybe it didn’t seem as bad since I was prepared this time.  The worst part of it was when Jada was there, he really struggled with the idea of an additional member in the family.  It’s weird to explain as he liked her, played nicely with her, had fun and such … but he wanted her to go home.  She changed the dynamics of the home and he didn’t like this.  Unfortunately he was also vocal about this which really hurt Jada’s feelings.  Other then dealing with these issues the weeks went well.

So on to the water fight pictures … Jada had a choice for what she wanted to do during the afternoon.  I forget what those choices were but I think it involved going to the beach or have a water balloon fight and she choose a water balloon fight.


The kids started with a balloon toss … starting closer together and slowly taking a step back each time


After a bit they switched to running, hiding and throwing at each other



Each of the kids had their own bucket with their own balloons, so there was no fighting over someone getting more balloons because they just whipped them quickly.  Once the balloons ran out they each got one bucket full of water and out came the water guns.  Being on cistern water we don’t usually go about playing with water or running through sprinklers or anything of that assort … especially since we have a pool that allows them to cool off.


Buckets were the homefree area so if you were at the bucket getting a balloon or water you were not allowed to be attacked.


Sisterly Love





Of course when they were all done running around and getting hot and sweaty and wet they jumped in the pool for a refreshing swim.

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