Thursday, December 27, 2012

Matthew’s Birthday Prep

July 25th was Matthew’s birthday and also the day that Jada had to go back to New York.  This meant we had to be up on time that morning to catch the bus and since I decided to invite some friends down for coffee and cake that also meant I had to have everything prepped the night before.

Jada stayed up and helped me make icing and get Matthew’s cupcakes cake ready.

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Matthew wanted the same cake as he had the year before … Hamburger and French Fries  Over the past year I had found a better cake recipe so this years cupcakes turned out more yummy. I made them using my molds for making GF buns so they were bigger but also more shaped like a burger and then instead of making brownies and cutting them in circles I added a bit of cocoa to the last bit of cupcake batter and made some chocolate cupcakes with the bun molds.  It turned out quite well.  Jada loved the idea and so we backed one of the hamburgers and some french fries (sugar cookies) for her to take home to show her family and eat when she got home … not sure if it made it all the way home.

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Matthew and Jada had requested green eggs and bacon for breakfast.  So we enjoyed a hearty breakfast before sending Jada on her long trip (9 hours) home.

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Before going Matthew opened a couple presents.

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Rob had to go to work and could not go with to the bus, so he stayed home for breakfast and said good-bye after breakfast before he headed off to work.

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Two weeks passed already and the kids gather to go back to New York.

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The dog that Jada found while garage saling went home with her as well. Good thing for extra space on the bus!

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We had a fun time with Jada and look forward to seeing what next year brings.

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