Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Girls Riding Experience

For my horseback riding experience I found it was quite fun and interesting . I wasn't afraid of the horses as l thought I would be ( except when a horse bit me and wouldn't let me come near ) I learned much about grooming. I also learned how to pick the horses feet and I found out quite fast that their feet are heavy! For learning to ride I had a bit of trouble steering at first and almost ran into the wall once or twice but after some practice I got the hang of it. I had lots fun when my horse took off and I was quite disappointed when I had to stop. I think riding was much easier and  funner then I expected and I learned alot. You won't hear me complaining if I can do it again.



I had lots of fun at riding lessons.  It was easier then I thought.  The only part I didn’t have fun was when my horse runs unexpectantly.  If another deal comes up I would love to do it again (if I’m allowed).