Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Goat Farm

Jada loves animals, so we made a point of seeing a few different animals during her time here.  We had the opportunity to go visit a goat farm one evening.  This was a new experience for all of us, not just Jada.


Jada spent some time trying to catch this little goat, but it was much to fast for her and could zip through the fence from one pen to another while Jada had to take the time to climb the fence.  She finally gave up and decided to try some larger goats.


Older goats are very skittish and would just run away from Jada …


So we moved over to the younger goats, born this spring.


These were quite the opposite as you have to push them away and tell them to back off as they want to chew at you and jump on you.  This was the first time I seen Jada exhibit some fear of animals as she suddenly panicked when all these goats kept coming at her and jumping on her.  Once rescued from the pen she was okay but didn’t want to go near there again.


They also had a few calves outside that the kids went to feed and see


Before we left Jada made friends with the dog as well.


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