Tuesday, December 11, 2012

McGregor Point

And just like that another school year was gone and it was summer holidays.  To kick off the holidays Marietta’s class had a Camp-Out Party at our house … which I wrote about here.  We had a few busy days before we headed off for a short holiday … or should I say a extra long long weekend.

My parents were camping at McGregor Point  for a little bit and we joined from from Thursday, June 28 to Monday, July 2 to make it an extended July long weekend.

Camping has gotten so much easier now that the kids have gotten older.  I have to be honest too in saying that we’ve been cheating these past years by just plunking our tent on my parents site, so really I haven’t truly had all the work involved in camping in recent years.  Camping is still not really my choice of a holiday but I am quite willing to make the best of it with a few good books and some relax time.  The girls love to bike around the parks and now Matthew is getting big enough to join in for some longer rides so they take him with.  That leaves us to sit back, relax, read, snooze.  The problem with camping is I become to lazy, once I shut down I shut down and then I can’t be bothered to do anything.  One of the other things I cherish about camping is how our girls suddenly become friends.  At home we endure nothing but constant fighting, arguing, yelling, sibling rivalry and all those things that drive parents nuts … but when they go camping they suddenly can get along.  They go off biking and walking and play games together.  They are swimming and playing in the sand and all that fun stuff.   This in itself is worth going just as a family because quite literally the minute we stepped in the door when we got home they were back at each others throats (this even after we comments on the way home about how well they did and could they not do the same thing at home).  And then there is Matthew, what five your old boy doesn’t love to be able to play in dirt, run and bike around, swim and dig??  He is the reason we continue to go camping.  We have asked the girls which type of holiday they would prefer, camping or travelling/hoteling/visiting and they cannot decide as each has it’s benefits … but for Matthew there is no decision, camping is the best!!

At the beach at McGregor Point.  We had heard it was not a very nice beach and that most people go just down the road to the public beach in town.  We decided to at least check it out for ourselves.  It was pretty empty (because everyone else was in town), shallow for a really long ways and a bay that had stagnant water, so ya kinda gross.


Matthew was being a bit of a pest (no, not Matthew!?!? Winking smile) and was told to sit at the picnic table for a little bit.  The next time Rob looked he was sound asleep (he still naps regularly).


I guess it wasn’t totally comfy sleeping that way because at one point he lay down and made himself comfy on the bench.


While the beach can be rather cold early in the season at least you don’t have to worry about a fire ban at that point.  Really, what’s camping without the evening time around the fire?


Mom and Dad had gotten the game Ladder Golf also called Lasso Golf so time was spent playing game … it could get a bit dangerous sitting around the camp with these balls flying around, but eventually Matthew got a bit better at the aiming part.



After trying the McGregor Beach we decided to go into town from then on and use that beach as it was a nice, long, clean beach.

P1100997 2

P1110001 2

Playing together!

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The girls were often found at the table playing games of Monopoly Deal, Phase 10 and The Game of Life Adventures card games.


Monday afternoon we had an early supper and then headed home.  That was it for our camping for 2012, we had other plans for the September long weekend when we sometime go to Port Burwell with my parents, so this was the extent of camping

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