Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Front Twist and Weave


Rebecca had short hair for about half and year and then was ready to start growing it out again with the intent of donating it again.  Since Rebecca has thick hair that easily knots long hair can be a fair amount of work … and now that she’s nine she’s going to have to learn to care for it herself a bit more.   At the same time when her hair is done it is very nice hair with a nice thickness that looks full.  So we’ll see how long it gets this time before we get tired of trying to get the knots out and decide to cut off.

This hairdo is the same as the Twist and Weave that I previously posted, but I only did the front/top of Rebecca’s head.  I did four twist that I weaved and brought into the pig tails on the sides.  Because the front section of her hair by her ears was not long enough to twist across her head I just pull that back into the pig tails, using only the center section

Rebecca is happy to have hair that starting to get long enough to try different hair-do’s in.  It’s a new challenge for me to try work with hair that is not long.