Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Three Braid Half-Crown (short hair look)

Rebecca went with the five braid concept as well, but since her hair is too short we had to do three braids.  I have often found the three braids gives a nice look to the face, as well they seem to stay in a bit better, probably just because smaller and tighter in size.

Same idea … just only on the front.



We put some rollers in the back to give a bit of a fancier look to the back … we had hoped they wouldn’t be so tight and tried to stretch them out, but no luck, the girls hair holds roller curls well (but does not hold curling iron curls).  Had I known they would stay so tight (for several days) I would have done at least another row further down .. or the whole back of her head. 

 P1090283 P1090285

Rebecca is enjoying that her hair is slowly getting long enough to do up into various styles … and now I have two girls competing for my time on Saturday nights.

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