Thursday, January 19, 2012

Twist Crown

This is a hairstyle I used to do more often when the girls were younger.  Not sure why, but it sort of got forgotten in recent years, until Marietta asked me to do it last week.  No link to a tutorial for this one, but it is a pretty simple hairstyle where you start with a section like you do when doing a french braid, then begin to twist it and as you twist it you bring in pieces from below to twist in with it.  I’m not the greatest at these type of twists (probably why I haven’t done it for a long time), I find I cannot get a nice smooth twist when I do it. 

P1090524 P1090525 P1090531 P1090532

I just did the top half of her hair, but you could also do the same thing with all of the hair.

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