Thursday, January 12, 2012

Waterfall Braid

The waterfall braid is actually considered a relatively common braid, although I can’t say that I’ve ever really seen it before.  In this braid you drop a strand as you go and pick up new hair to keep the braid going.  It creates a rather elegant look to the normal braid and you can do a wide variety of different things with it, whether it’s double braids or weaves or such.

You can type waterfall braid into your search engine and come up with tons of videos and tutorials on how to do it.  Here is one from one of our favourite sites, Adopt-a-‘Do Cute Girl Haristyles


Since the dropped strands are loose the braid does not stay in a well as a typical braid, and since I usually do the girls fancier hairdo’s at night then I will usually gather up the dropped stands and put them in a ponytail to keep them tight overnight.


I tried the curled look with Rebecca’s hair but it did not work the greatest since her hair is not very long.


On the other hand it looked okay with Marietta’s hair, except that her hair (and Rebecca’s) does not hold curl for a curling iron very well.  It took quite a long time to try get the strands to curl and so I ended up not finishing all the strands, maybe next time I’ll try put rollers in overnight since her hair holds those curls much better.

P1080700 P1080702 P1080703

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