Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gift Exchange 2

We had a gift exchange afternoon with my family on January 7th where Grandpa and Grandma spoil the grandkis.  It worked out nice that it was at the end of the holidays since this gave Matthew some new things to do as the kids returned to school and he was left at home by himself again … and he was definitely spoiled and had lots to play with.

We usually open presents in order of age, starting with the youngest member of the family and rotating until the presents are done.   It was exciting that Cam and Jess were the ones who fell under the youngest and got to open the first present

 P1090399 P1090400

The newest and youngest member of the family is expected to arrive at the end of June.

This means Noah will have a playmate and the girls will have two little ones to babysit and entertain.



Anyone else want to give this a try?


Aiden and Matthew received the same present, so they opened it at the same time. 


It was rather hard to get a picture of Matthew looking as he was jumping up and down with such glee and excitement over this wonderful prize that Santa had left him.  We should have wait until the very end for this present as after that we had two wild cowboys in our midst making a huge racket and unable to settle down.


We were smart enough to leave this present until the last.  I love the pictures and expression on Matthew face as he opened it.

.  P1090444 P1090446 P1090447

Matthew had put his letter to Santa in his stocking and wrote on it that he would like a remote control monster truck.  I have no idea where this idea came from, but he did talk about it from time to time and we kept telling him that Santa doesn’t bring everything on the list so he might not get it.  Well you can imagine how impressed Matthew is with Santa now that he got play guns AND his remote control monster truck.  He had no trouble figuring out how to use it and the truck zooms around our main floor each day.

Once again the kids were more then just a little spoiled!

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