Monday, January 9, 2012

Chain Link Headband

Okay, so I figured I’d do another hair series since I have a few new ones that we’ve tried.  We sort of stick to the ones we like now, but every now and then decide to try something new again.  There are lots of neat ideas out there, but not all of them ones that the girls would actually want to wear, they’ll just look at them and say “that’s neat, but not for me”. 

This one has become a new favourite for a quick elegant hairdo.  Marietta constantly has people coming to check whether she is wearing a headband or if it’s actually her hair.  The biggest trick to this one is making sure it’s good and wet.  As usual I found this one on Princess Hairstyles called a Chain Link Headband.


P1080516 P1080513  P1080515

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Carmen said...

Wow, that's pretty neat. I've never seen that one before.