Friday, December 30, 2011

Boxing Day

We spent Christmas Day with my family and Boxing Day with Rob’s family.  I didn’t take any pictures on Christmas but did remember on Boxing Day.    It is a tradition to get together in London with Rob’s family on Boxing Day, although the date has been a bit flexible, it’s usually on Boxing Day or close to it.  For the past two years we met at the school but now that London has a new, larger, church we moved back to the church.  Since we were back in London this also meant we went back to the tradition of going skating downtown at the outdoor skating rink.


We actually arrived a bit late so our skating time was rather short. But we still got a bit of skating in and since the girls aren’t really huge fans of skating they didn’t really seem to care.  Matthew didn’t even complain and he usually loves skating.


I think he may have been a bit overwhelmed by the amount of people since the only skating he has done is with the school which is only two grades at a time and there’s plenty of room still in the middle for him to skate around.  But he didn’t mind have rides around the ice.


After skating it was back to the church and it was nice the the kids had a separate area to play and make their noise and the adults could still hear themselves think. 

The kids played Cops and Robbers for some time downstairs for quite some time


Taking a break from all the running around


Games are usually played by young and old

P1090302 P1090303 P1090314


Matthew and his cousin Evan.  Evan is one year older then Matthew and is often considered Matthew’s twin as they look quite alike.  This year I did not see the similarities as much, but on the family picture we got from Evan’s family you could definitely see the similarities.


Good food




… and good socializing.

  P1090316  P1090323

Equals an enjoyable time.

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