Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Christmas Holidays - Week One

The Christmas Holidays finally arrived. Marietta had been sick enough for the fall months that I was hoping this would give her a chance to recuperate and truly get back on her feet (and it did, so far so good).

The kids had their Christmas Program on Thursday, December 17. It's always so nice to see the vibe and excitement from the kids on such an evening ... especially the younger kids (let's just say the vibe from many of the older ones is somewhat opposite that of the younger ones). Our girls love to sing so they quite enjoy these evenings.

Rebecca's class was suppose to sing a song while one of the teachers played the saxophone. Well the saxophone decided it wasn't going to cooperate and so the kids sang on their own ... after getting over their giggles :)

Marietta's class (or some of it).

Friday the kids only had a half day of school ... not sure why they bother as I'm sure they got nothing done during that half day. That evening the girls and I went to see the Voice of Praise Choir perform. Marietta quite enjoys these programs, especially because we have done pretty good on seating most times giving her the opportunity to either watch the organist or pianist also. This time she could watch the pianist. Since she takes piano lessons and does enjoy it, she finds it amazing to watch these talented players, and her little mind dreams that someday she'll do the same. I hope she continues to enjoy playing.

On Monday of the first week of holidays we headed down to Ike and Heather's to do some skating on their pond. This was the first time the girls have ever skated on a non-rink. Heather had commented that the ice was the smoothest they'd ever had it ... but the girls still thought the ice was quite bumpy. Since all we had so far was a dusting of snow we were glad for the cold spell that at least gave the kids something to do outside.

Another new thing to the girls was hockey sticks on ice. Yup, they've never played hockey on ice. It was a bit humorous to watch them try hit the puck and keep their balance ... kept them busy for some time.

The girls begged to sleep over at their cousin Anna's so I left them there for the night. I think they regretted that decision the next day ... well not the whole decision, just the decision on where to sleep. They decided it would be fun to sleep out in the with Aunt Maaike. Well -5C (or was it colder? I think colder if you factor in the windchill) out in a trailer isn't all the lovely ... especially when there are icicles hanging from the ceiling above your head. Needless to say they didn't sleep all that well.
They girls came home again Tuesday evening and after a good rest were ready for the next day where I had coffee with a friend while the kids played together. The girls always find it a thrill to show their "city" friends around the barn ... and all of them love to play in they hay. Sorry Laura for the load of hay you took home from their coats and hats.
We had our annual croquette making day the next day. This year we decided to do a bit more work individually as well as mix the dough up the day beforehand since it needs to be cooled before we roll it and often we're waiting around to have it cool more. So we got together on Thursday to roll and deep fry the croquettes. As the girls get bigger they also become a bigger help also, either with rolling or with watching/entertaining the younger kids.

And when they weren't doing either of those they were enjoying Grandpa and Grandma's new Wii system.

We gathered again as family on Christmas Day for a relaxing day and good eating.
The girls singing Christmas Carols with Aunt Jess

Taryn reading Matthew as story.

Saturday brought on our Family Get-Together with Rob's family. We headed off to London for this. This year it was nice that we were able to use London's "new" school gym. It allowed for more room for the kids to play. It was still noisy but better then when we gathered in the church basement.

The older girls hanging out while doing Sudoku, Crosswords, WordSearches and such

The girls especially liked the stage. It was neat enough to play on the stage but even neater yet was the fact that their was a closet full of costumes and props to play with. This kept the kids busy for some time as we told them to get together and make a skit/play for the rest of us ... which they did, presenting us with two shows.

Refreshments after the big performance :)

Grandpa joining in on the hockey fun ... he stuck to the 5 year old level :)

Thomas and Matthew. It was quite humerous when I told Matthew Thomas's name. It took me some time to get him to understand that the boy standing before him was named Thomas ... and to stop looking around for Thomas the Tank Engine

Evan decided to get in on the action too

After the family split up to go their seperate ways we headed over to Jason and Carol for a long overdue visit.
Hanging out ... they sort of look like they were just caught doing something mischievous ... but that was not the case

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