Friday, January 8, 2010

Tippy and Socks

On one of our trips home from my parents house shortly after we moved the girls asked if they could have a cat. I think they were only kidding when they asked the question as they were quite shocked when I readily said this was fine ... but they had to take care of the cat, it had to be a boy and under no circumstance would the cat come in the house.

Finally we got around to going to my parents and picked out a couple cats to take home (we couldn't just get one because it would be lonely then). We were a little concerned about whether the cats would stick around, but in the end it was not a problem at all.

Tippy was the boss and so he was around the house most of the time, following the kids and playing with them. Socks appeared every now and then but maintained his distance and didn't challenge Tippy's territory. These cats were relatively wild before, not used to being pet, held or played with. Tippy almost began to get a little too friendly ... jumping in the van when we would get ready to leave, or getting in the way of the kids feet (funny he knew better then to get in the way of our feet ... our shoes hurt a bit more :)

Matthew and Tippy. Tippy was named because he was all black with a tiny white bit at the end of his tail.

Socks name came from the kids because they thought it looked like he's wearing socks.

Well Tippy lasted about two weeks before he became road kill :( It was the kids who inspected the road kill to determine that it was indeed Tippy. Marietta seemed most traumatized by this, but has appeared to have quickly gotten over it, becoming more attached to Socks. Rebecca was upset but didn't say much ... it's always hard to know what's going on with her. Matthew was attached to Tippy as well since Tippy had made an excellent playmate and companion for him when he played outside during the day while the girls were at school. It was always nice to see them "playing" together. Any black cat Matthew now sees is called "Tippy".
With Tippy gone Socks has become a much more friendly and sociable cat, taking over Tippy's position of hopping in the van when we're trying to go somewhere. Matthew and Socks have also become friends, although Socks doesn't follow Matthew around as much as Tippy did. Marietta is always concerned about Socks that he has enough food and water, especially during this cold time when it's frozen more often then thawed. Rebecca is a bit neutral. She feeds him when it's here turn (although not well enough according to Marietta) and plays with him if she's outside .
The kids are looking forward to spring when we (or should I say Rob) hope to get a dog :)

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