Friday, January 22, 2010

My New "Toy"

Out with the old:

In with the new:

It's one of those times where the extended warranty pays off. For $50 we are now sporting a much newer, fancier and hopefully better camera ... just a few months before the warranty expired.
This is not to say I wasn't happy with my Canon PowerShot A620, it was a great little camera the first years - very fast even when using flash, but it's been giving us issues the last couple years and upon bringing it in the third time I was allowed to choose a replacement under the "Lemon Clause". I am not a photographer, so I don't get into all the tech stuff, I just like to point and shoot ... and fast so I don't miss the action. For me speed is the most important factor in a camera and zoom the next. Well we can't afford a SLR, nor do we really need that since I wouldn't use it to it's full advantage ... so this seemed the next best option - the Panasonic DMC-FZ35 ... supposedly in high demand and hard to come by as they leave the shelf as fast as they arrive. Let's hope this means we got something good ... I got a couple weeks to trial it out and see before it becomes mine whether I like it or not.
That being said ... Rob threatened to take it to work with him today so I wouldn't have trouble getting my work done (altho maybe he would then :) ... so I best go get my work done before I decide to play :)


Carmen said...

Be sure to let me know how you like it. Not that I'm looking for another one...I like what I got. ;) However, our powershot is still draning batteries very quickly though we had it looked at.

Steph said...

Draining batteries was one of the issues we had with our PowerShot also, along with not always taking pictures (the flash icon would flash at you but it would refuse to take a picture), it was getting slower and slower with it's recycle time (likely due to the battery issue), the zoom would not always respond when we wanted it to ... plus other funny things.

This new ones a bit bigger then I prefer since I tend to throw my camera in my purse and take it with me most places ... guess that means I'm gonna have to keep my "monster purse" ... but there's no point in having a small camera if it doesn't take the picture when you want it to. T&L also have this camera (the previous version) and are happy with it.

amymom24 said...