Thursday, January 21, 2010

Settling In

Various pictures of the last couple months as we settled in and returned to "normal" life

Mr. Matthew enjoying a bath and story at the same time.

We have two bathrooms one with a shower stall and one with a tub. Unfortunately we cannot drain the water from the tub as it leaks downstairs in the kitchen. So at first I would bath Matthew in the shower stall (no he likes to take a shower or I just scoop the water out of the tub if he wants to go in there), except Matthew was paranoid of the shower and wanted nothing to do with the idea. So I managed to get him in the bucket and then let Rebecca read a story time him "The Sky is Falling". Well, what a hoot those two had. Rebecca add her expression to it to get Matthew interested and before we knew it the two were laughing up a storm. Over two months later whenever someone says "Bonk" Matthew will say "The Sky is Falling", but he says it so quickly and in such a way that it makes us all crack up laughing each time (which he knows ... little ham).

Before we moved the keyboard was in the girls room, not where I preferred it, but because there was no other space to put it. So we are happy that it now fits in our living room ... and it's amazing how much it gets played now that it is in a central location.

Of course ... Matthew's idea of playing it is a little different the the girls :)

We are thoroughly enjoying having the living room on the main floor now ... funny how something so simple can seem like a luxury when you're not used to it. Although we didn't like it in the basement at the old house we adjusted and were used to it. While I have to get used to it being a diaster all the time from Matthew's playing (and his love for taking the cushions off the couch) I still like that the kids hang out and read there, or play there and how it has truly being a LIVING room.

This picture frame was hanging up in the basement at the old house. Matthew has taken a great liking to it now and wants us to hold him all the time so he can look at the people on it (family members) and we can tell him who each one is (even though he now knows them all off by heart). It came in kinda handy when we didn't have a spot for the microwave cart for a bit and so it was left in the hallway ... a perfect little seat for Matthew to sit and study his favourite pictures.

We were beginning to wonder if Marietta was allergic to school or something this year :) She sure had a lot of colds, flus and virus this fall. Again we enjoyed the living room, where she had a couch to crash out on during the day. Matthew also enjoyed having his sister home, especially when she was in between being really sick and being well enough to go to school.

It didn't take long for the kids to discover a fun way to go down these stairs ... of course the girls clued in quick enough that it was rather hard on the stomach and carpet burn isn't all that fun. It took Matthew a bit longer to stop his quick descent to the ground floor ... he thought it was just great fun ... but the novelty eventually wore off

I made a fort out of the boxes in Matthew's room and he would play with his cars and truck in there, mostly on the window ledge, and watch the traffic ... especially when it was time for the girls to come home on the bus.

Matthew was Rob's little shadow whenever it came to fixing/building things. Rob would get a little frustrated that the second he put down a tool it would disappear. Here Matthew is "helping" to build the storage shelves in the hallway.

Since there was room for only one of my deep freezers in the house (yes, I have two), one had to go to the garage. This meant a bit of reorganizing so that there is a little of everything in the freezer in the house. Marietta figured it was easier to use the wheel barrow to bring the boxes to the house then to carry them ... guess carrying them wouldn't have been such a bad idea afterall :)


Carmen said...

So, are you all settled now? One of these days we'll stop by and see your new place...and the people in it. :) Matthew is such a cutie. Enjoy.

Steph said...

We've been pretty settled in since the end of November. I took the month of December off as I was sick of packing and reorganizing and seeing boxes and felt the family needed to get some structure back in their lives. I started again in January with tackling the disaster in the basement (out of sight out of mind only works for so long) which in turn got me going on rearranging things that I wasn't happy with etc. But besides needing some shelves in our bedroom yet (the "office" section of the bedroom) the house is settled and just undergoing various reorganizations that are typical to any household.

And yes ... do come for a visit sometime ... just the same, we are overdue for a visit out your way.

Amy Hoogstad said...

Wow, Matthew is looking a lot like Rebecca, and is certainly growing into a cute little boy! He looks much taller all of a sudden. The place looks great! Nice to have so much light in your living room:)