Wednesday, January 13, 2010

School Trip

Okay, so I missed my daily post yesterday, so I guess that means I have to do two today?!? I'm really getting tired of "catching-up" and writing in the past tenese, maybe I should just dedicate more time to this and get myself up to speed ... but ya, there's lots of other things I should also dedicate my time to and get myself up to speed on!

I think it was the first or second day or school that Marietta came home to tell me that there class was going on a class trip to the Theological College and she really, really wanted daddy to come with on the trip. Well, Rob is working, so this is obviously not visiable. I hummed and hawed about going. I've always tried to make a point of going on the class trips. I find it a nice chance to get to know the class and teacher a bit as well as enjoy some time with the kids in their school "environment" (if you can call it that when they're on a school trip). I thought it would be fun to go with this time because then I could try puts some names and faces together of the kids in Marietta's class. But of course, I was suppose to be unpacking and getting settled at home and since the first week I was losing a ton of time with the pie bake, open house, being sick, and appointments ... it probably wasn't a good idea to go ... but, what's a morning of my time!?. In the end I decided the kids are only young once and the house would still be there when I got back ... what I didn't know is that class trips here are all day trips ... and they weren't just going to the Theological College, they were also going to the Teachers College, Guido (the High School) and The Beacon (a part of the Anchor Association for the Handicapp). The old school was much more central to things and so most class trips were just half day trips. Ah well, I had dedicated myself I might as well enjoy myself.

It was neat that also during Marietta's second week at her new school she had her cousin, Katie, as a student teacher. We never really heard anything from Marietta about Katie or how she was doing ... not sure if this was a good or bad thing :)

Our first stop for the day was the Teacher College, where we received a tour of the College and some explanation on what is taught.

In the lounge this apple tree is painted and on each apple is the name of a graduate.

Marietta touching the name of her favourite teacher

Checking out the library with the various study books for the students (and teachers) as well as the complete collection of all the books that have received the Newbery Medal
and the Caldecott Medal.

Signing the Guest Book

Our next stop of the day was the High School where we got a nice tour of the various specialty classrooms (computer, science, woodworking, art, band/orchestra, gym). The kids were absolutely awed by the big school with so many neat things to see and learn. It's kinda neat to see them excited about going to high school. I must say I was wishing I could go back to high school. Being a graduate of Guido it was pretty neat to walk around the school and be completely awed by the changes since I left there about 14 years ago. It is basically a totally different school. Renovations started on the school the year after we left, so we never got to enjoy the new and expanded school, but even so, we had many great times in high school.

All the kids had their eye peeled to see if they could see/find someone they knew or were related to as some kids had siblings in high school. Marietta was also thrilled to find a few people that she knew.

Marietta with Denise (our neighbour now) and her cousin, Anna

Cousins, Katie and Anna, having a quick chat

After the Guido tour, a bathroom stop and a viewing of the "History Wall" (pictures of all the graduating classes) it was off to the Theological College. (Have to include a picture of the new pride and joy ... the pipe organ that was recently added to the chapel)

The principal spent a bit of time talking to the kids, showing them some greek and hebrew writing and pictures of scrolls.

After some further information from the secretary it was off to the library to see all those wonderful books that the students, profs and ministers love so much. Unfortunately I don't think the kids have all that much interested in libraries and big books at this age ... but maybe someday :)
On the other hand the kids were extremely interested in seeing the oldests book that the library had. If my memory serves me correctly (that's what happens when wait two months to write these things) the picture below shows the oldest book. If my memory is not correct then that was one of the old books, which is still old, just not the oldest. I remember the oldest book was not as old looking as a couple other books she showed us. I know, you're wondering how old was the oldest book ... again, my memory is failing me, except that I remember it was from the 1500's ... I think 1560's but anyone who knows me knows I don't have a good memory.
Next was a chat about the Rosetta Stone. On this stone is written three different languages - two in Egyptian and one in Greek. Upon discovering this stone people were better able to translate old Egyptian writing which previous they could not. For the kids it was mostly amazing to see how they did not have paper in pens in years gone by and instead had to chisel messages on stone.

Lunch was eaten on the bus on our way to the next stop - The Beacon. Here the kids (and a few residents) had a chance to burn off some energy by playing a game of soccer ... 30 people on the field at onces doesn't make for a very organized game, but the ball got kicked and they had fun.

After running off some energy they played a game of Hid the Bean Bag.
Close your eyes, no peeking while the bean bags are being hidden.

Before heading back to school we had a tour of the home and then all enjoyed juice and a snack with the residents.

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