Monday, January 4, 2010

Moving In Day

I forget what time we woke, I think it was 8am ... normally considered sleeping in, but far too early for my liking because if I had thought I felt awful and sick the day/night before ... I felt even more awful and more sick when I woke up.

Our breakfast arrived (thanks Annette), and shortly after our helpers arrived. We had picked a day of a "wind storm" to move in. The wind had howled through windows and doors during our short "nights" sleep. At one point there was a huge bang that made me "jump" in my bed, but I was too exhausted and tired to go figure out what this "strange" sound in our new house was. In the morning we discovered what it was. The bang was the office door slamming shut from the wind ... because the outside door had blown open. In the process of it blowing open it had cracked the window in the door. Thankfully all that had gathered in the office during our short snooze was some dry leaves.

Rob was determined that it would be easier to unload through the front door. When Rob's determined he usually finds a way ... and he did it just meant he had to do some tree trimming first in order to get the truck to the front door.

Nevermind all the rain we had gotten the past week and how wet and mushy the grass was. He was sure if would be fine ... and if not, oh well, there's lots of topsoil in the fields to fix up the lawn. And yes, we will be needing to use some of that topsoil as you can see from the ruts in the grass ... and the sunken rear wheels of the truck. He was a little stuck by finishing time, but it didn't take too long to manage to get his way out.

The wind didn't let up at all for the day and at one point the outside door blew open again ... and the office door didn't just blow closed, it cracked right off it's hinges and blew across the hall.

Unloading went relatively fast and smooth. Much smoother then the night before. We were done before noon, enjoyed some pizza together and then most of our muscle helpers were on their way home again.

Thankfully I had help in the house as well. My goal was to get the kitchen into functionable condition and the beds set up and made so we could sleep comfy that night. Clothes would be easy to find as we had left them all in the dressers and just had to cut open the saran wrap that was around them. By 2pm we had reached my goal and even some extra ... by 2pm I could no longer pretend I was feeling okay and shortly after we sent everyone home so we could sleep.

I only got about an hour or so of sleep before the kids came "home". I didn't even bother to pretend I was feeling okay ... for the next couple hours I let Rob sleep and the kids explore while I vegged out on the couch and monitored. Pizza again for supper and by 7:30 I was in bed leaving Rob in charge of the troops.

Time change in the fall is a wonderful thing when one needs extra sleep. Even more wonderful was our dear son who slept until 7:30am the next morning ... giving me a full 13 hours of sleep. I was not better the next day (or the next few days after that) but with a good dose of meds I was able to make it through the day feeling quite good. To add to the joy of finally getting some good sleep was the fact that church did not start until 11am, I even managed to have a nap before we went to church :)

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