Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Favourite Toy

On November 26 it was a School Spirit Day, one of those days dreaded by parents, because, let's face it, it's the parents who have to do the work for these.

On this particular dress-up day the kids had to dress up as their favourite toy. Realistically it wasn't there favourite toy, just some sort of toy ... whatever your imagination and creativity allowed for. Thankfully Marietta picked something easy ... a doll!! While she does play with dolls occasionally, in spurts, she's not really a huge doll player ... or any sort of player for that matter. She much rather just hang around and drive me nuts :) or do some crafts like cardmaking or scrapbooking. At least there wasn't much prep work for her custom. We just put rollers in her hair the night before and she was quite happy to have an excuse to suck on a soother or bottle for a day.

To be honest, Rebecca's custom didn't take that much work either. Someone (I believe it was Aunt Val!) gave her this "brilliant" idea to be a Jack-in-the-Box. That idea stuck, and though we made many other suggestions she wanted to be a Jack-in-the-Box. I'm sure if I had a bit of a creative bone in me I could have thought of a way to have a box that she could actually curl up in and pop out of. But trying to realistic with the fact that she had to wear this thing , get to and from school, and in and out of the classroom, we decided to keep it simple.

So we found the right size box, cut some holes in it for her feed and body, put some rope on it to act like suspenders and painted the box. We probably should have been a bit more creative with our paint colour and gone with more vibrant colours, but that's the colour I found downstairs in the basement so that's the colour we went with. We add some stripes and dots with Bingo Dappers and painted some faces on and she was all set to go ... oh and Rob created a crank.

Matthew wanted to be part of the action too and felt it was necessary to have his face panted also.