Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Christmas Holidays - Week Two

The second week of the Christmas Holidays was much the same as the first. Something going on each day, but it was a enjoyable business that was relaxing and fun as it wasn't overly busy or rushed ... a sleepover, some swimming, a birthday party, some visiting, etc.

Nephew/Cousin Aiden turned 3 on December 30th

The girls requested oliebollen (dutch donuts - deep fried yeast dough sprinkled with icing sugar- very greasy, very oilly, very unhealthy) for New Year's Eve/Day. I must have made it last year, or maybe it was two years ago ... I don't remember, but the girls did. Marietta loves to be involved in any sort of interesting baking and so she was my helper for the oliebollen, while Rebecca put her talents to use by keeping Matthew entertained, mostly outside.

The worst thing about oliebollen, is the stink that the deepfrying creates. Not wanting to be one of those folks that sits in church on new years eve smelling like oliebollen we made sure we were all done by lunch. Thankfully it was a mild enough day that we could have the windows open the whole time (okay the free gas heat we have did help that aspect a bit). Once done we all showered, left the windows open, turned the heat down and we all crawled into our beds for a nice snooze to prepare for the late night ahead .... okay the girls didn't sleep, but they rested and read and were quiet while I did :)

We spent New Year's Eve at Dave and Ange's with a couple other couples. It's so great to live close by now. We let the girls sleep over since they have been begging for months to have a sleep over with Brent and Mitchell and took Matthew home with us. Matthew was up early enough the next morning that I prepped some breakfast and then we headed back over to Dave and Ange's for a breakfast/brunch and some GTing and sledding ... something the girls seem to think is a requirement for New Years Day ... even though we must remind them over and over that snow is required to do this.

So this is the extent of the snow we got for the Christmas Holidays. A piddling little dusting ... but in the kids eyes it was enough to go sleding and GTing ... so we didn't deter them all too much.

Uh, oh ... wipe out (Brent and Vivian)

Here's the kid who absolutely hated the sled last year ... yup, no fear this year :)

After nap time we headed over to Ike and Heather's to help Heather celebrate her birthday.
Fondue Fun

Their family had started a puzzle the night before but it turned out to be a bit more challenging then expected, so througout the afternoon everyone would stopped by and spend a few minutes (or more :) trying to figure it out ... when we left it wasn't much further then when we arrived.

"Happy Birthday to You"

.... it's not a word of a lie when the boxes says it's for ages 3-99
Matthew was completely enthralled with this dump truck and it's load of rocks

Ike and Rob were just as thrilled with the rest of the box and were full of ideas on what to do with this and that

Matthew loves it at Uncle Ike and Aunt Heather's seeing as everyone sort of dots on him there. The kids love to play with him as well as the grown ups ... he fits in well there and always enjoys himself.

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Looks like tons of fun! And that's one impressive cake. :)