Tuesday, December 30, 2008


On December 22nd the ladies of my family got together for our annual croquette making day. It would be better classified to called them bitterballen, as we make the smaller round/ball version that are nice for parties and snacks. Since this is becoming an annual event we paid close attention to detail this time, making note of all that we used and needed so that we will be even more efficient next year. After a long day of work (10:30am ~ 10pm) the end result was 770 bitterballen ... 150 each.

The dough and some ready-to-deepfry bitterballen. (Marietta took these pictures, she spent some time angling the camera different ways to come up with creative pictures ... she has a few of her mothers genes!?!?)

Dipping and rolling time. Two of us would shape the balls and roll them in breadcrumbs for their first roll. We then passed them along to the other "team" who would dip them in beaten egg and roll them again in breadcrumbs.

Since our hands were rather sticky/yukky, a straw was in order for tea time.
Hanging out waiting for the oil and deep friers to heat up (beautiful smile Jess).

Deep frying and packing them up. After making the balls we put them all through the deep friers. Then allow them to cool before we pack them into our buckets to take home and put in our freezers. By deepfrying them in advance it allows us to just take a few croquettes whenever we want and pop them in the oven or microwave ... and if we really miss the crispy outside then just a minute or so in the deep fryer again and their nice and crisp but not burnt.

So if you want to try them out you're gonna have to book a evening visit with us. Come on down for a night of visiting, chatting or playing a game.

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