Wednesday, August 3, 2011


As I said … track and field and school trips signal the end of a school year. 

This year it was Rebecca’s turn to have her mom go with on her school trip and this years school trip was to Marineland, so I was quite happy about that arrangement.  I was a little kid the last time I went to Marineland … if I’m correct I think the last time would be also on a school trip in elementary school.  While I don’t do rides anymore, it was still fun to go along and see what was there now. 

I’ll do the animal pictures first.

We started our day with the show, which involved some seals doing some tricks and CPR, dolphins doing flips and jumps, singing and handshaking, and a big walrus refusing to do any tricks (that was actually part of his act). 


P1050191 P1050202P1050192   P1050207 P1050216

We also visit the other whale pools where we could view the beluga whales and killer whale above and below the water.  We missed the killer whale doing his great big splash as we were standing in the rollercoaster line at that time … it was hot enough that getting soaking wet would have been nice.

 P1050223 P1050230 

There were also some black bears to watch.


To clarify … I don’t do spinning rides!  Rollercoasters … I decided to give a try, it being over 13 or 14 years since I’d last been on one. Anything that goes in a circular motion is out for me.  Just thinking about it gives me a headache.  Yet I must admit that I did manage to get on the scrambler at Centerville Island a few years back, so maybe I could handle more then I think, but I didn’t want to feel awful the whole day while having other kids in tow … as happened to poor Mrs. P who was quite sick after going on this ride a few time (the smaller kids had to have an adult with them).

The kids on the other hand LOVED this ride, I think they went on it four time before I reminded them that if they wanted to have enough time to get the other rides done they were going to have to move on.  The ended up not getting all the rides done, but at least all the ones that were “more fun” and the ones they missed where for smaller kids or the drop zone which Rebecca wouldn’t even consider trying.

 P1050237 P1050239

Having only two kids in my group (hard work keeping track, eh) Meant that we could move along quickly at our own pace.  For some time we were with some of the other kids, but eventually we ended up travelling on our own, meeting up with other kids from school at most places. 


Rebecca (and most of the other kids in her class) also loved the swings and went on it several times before we moved on … thankfully it was close by some other rides so Mikayla managed to go on some of the rides Rebecca did not want to go on while Rebecca was swinging over and over (definitely doesn’t take after her father – the ride that ruined our holidays).

P1050261 P1050267 P1050275 P1050281

So the girls managed to get on most of the rides and Rebecca even went on the dragon mountain rollercoaster … her first (and maybe last) “real” rollercoaster.  I have to admit I worked hard at convincing her that if she like the scrambler and all these round and round dizzy type rides she would like the rollercoaster … I really thought she would.  I will also admit I was impressed that once convinced to give it a try she did not hum and haw about whether she was going or not, but got into line and got ready to roll.  We were heading down our first hill and she was not to impressed with her mother.  All I heard was “I should have listened to Brayden”, who had just gotten off on the run before her and told her it was awful and not to go.  She looked like she was going to puk and no matter how hard I tried to convince her to look ahead so she could see what was coming she would not, she kept looking down, only making it worse.  She was in tears when we got off the ride and we had to take a break for her to lie down and try get her head back again.  Apparently scramblers and circular rides are no big deal for our girl who so quickly gets a headache for any sort of bump, but rollercoasters are not her thing.  I on the other hand thoroughly enjoyed it! :)

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