Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lightning and Thunder

We told the kids that come spring they could get a cat again.  Then we stumbled upon Dash and weren’t sure if the dog and cat mix was going to work seeing as our last cat disappeared as soon as the dog arrived.  But we figured with the dog there first it might go okay. 

Now I’m not sure that two cats is better then one, but at least they have each other to keep company with and maybe that way they’ll last a bit longer.  So when Dave and Ange’s cat had kitten we said we would take two of them once they were old enough.  The day finally arrived when the kids could pick up their kitties and settle them into their new home … the barn.

P1050173 P1050189

One of the cats is specifically Matthew’s, the other is the girls.  The day they were picked out we were expect another thunderstorm and since the one cat has a white nose and the other  black, they were named Lightning and Thunder.  Matthew’s kitty is Thunder.

So the kitties have lasted almost two months so far.  While Dash came from a home where they had a cat his natural dog instincts perked up right away when he saw the kitties and he was off chasing them.  They seem to have come to some sort of agreement now … the barn is the kitties, the house area is the dogs.  While we mostly keep Dash out of the barn, if he does go there now they no longer hiss and run, but tolerate each other.  At first I encouraged the girls the play with the kitties and have them come closer to the house so that they wouldn’t become wild barn cats, but after being in the barn from time to time and constantly tripping over them because they are under my feet, I am reminded of growing up at home and having cats by the door all the time and not being able to walk without tripping … so I’m quite happy the Lightning and Thunder have decided to stick to the barn.  I have to get another picture picture of them yet,  it’s really cute to see them sitting in the barn door watching us from afar.  They will wander a little ways out of the doorway and play around outside the doorway, but mostly they stay by the barn (except when we were on holidays they were found across the road by the neighbours).  Once or twice Lightning has followed the kids to the house, but mostly they are friendly, funny, playful kitties that live and play in the barn.  Just our luck … they are both female!  Anyone interested in kittens for next spring?

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