Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Track and Field

Always a sign that the end of the year is coming when the kids start going on school trips and have track and field.  This year I decided to go in the afternoon to watch for a bit since our bus was not running that afternoon and I thought that would save me a trip.  I found I ended up not seeing much as most of the end of the day was taken up with the Wheel came.

Really all I watch was Rebecca doing high jump and I seen Marietta running from a distance.  P1050130 P1050142

It’s neat to see all those orange shirts out there …but sure makes it harder to find your kid (Rebecca is running around the wheel in this picture … near the right side)or for the kids to know their teammates for the day.


he special part of this day was seeing Brent come out to watch the kids and join in the fun in his own way.  Above you can see the kids running for the Wheel game, but you can’t see that Brent is sitting in the middle watching.  Below you can see Brent in the middle.  At the time of this picture Brent had just been out of the hospital for seven days and was still experiencing bad headaches and requiring a lot of rest.   On May 23rd Brent was involved in a serious ATV accident where he was accidently run over by an ATV.  Since our kids are close with Brent and his family this was traumatizing for them, and even more traumatizing was the fact that Marietta was riding on the ATV and seen the entire accident happen.  She spent that first night of uncertainty at the hospital with Brent (or at least at the hospital since she couldn’t be with him much).  For several days we could see the stress and anxiety take over Marietta as she could not eat and her stomach hurt, she felt sick and lost as she wandered around trying to do something but not being able to concentrate.  She wanted to constantly be at the hospital but there was no point as she Brent was sedated and could not be disturbed, so a short visit had to suffice.  Then came the restriction for a period of time of family-only and we regretted that we had not said they were twins whenever we were ask if they were siblings( they were born the same day, almost exactly 12 hours apart, at the same hospital) .  But with time it became apparent that Brent was going to pull through and that the head trauma did not appear to leave any serious brain damage, “only” headaches and quick tiring.  While Brent did sustain some other injuries, such as broken ribs, broken collarbone and a broken leg that required surgery to put pins and a plate in, as well as facial damage that required some dental work, we can now look back and stand in amazement at how much Brent has healed in the last couple months … the road is long, but it is progressing well.


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