Saturday, August 6, 2011


For the past year I’ve been tired of my hair and wanting something new.  I played around with it for a bit, trying to keep it to a type of style where I only had to get it caught every other month … I really didn’t want to have to start going for a haircut every 4 weeks, seems like every 2 months already comes up way too quickly.  But I finally broke down and decided to just go get what I wanted … something shorter.  I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted, but I had a bit of an idea, so I sent a variety of pictures to my hairdresser and told her to be creative and do what she thought would work well with my hair.

It took a bit to find a picture of how my hair used to be … I really rather be behind the camera then in front of it, but here is one taken on my 33rd birthday.


In the spring I tried to get it cut more on an angle, with the back a bit shorter.  This is where I run into problems as the my hair at the nape of my neck likes to gather together into these lovely points, so very short hair works (but requires a haircut every 3 weeks) or I have to go longer.  I went to a different hairdresser for this cut as mine was unable to cut mine this time.  She was unfamiliar with my hair and too cautious about cutting the back . Below is the end result … it is still quite long at the back.  I tried it for a few days but it just bugged me, so I got it cut and layers a bit shorter … no pics of that .  So anyways, that was my last attempt, but I was stil not happy … sorry no pictures from the front, except the ones from Medieval Times, where I’m wearing a crown so you really can’t tell.

 P1040945 P1040948

So I broke down and got a haircut, with highlights even … not sure what I think of that idea since that means I have to maintain them, and having short hair that will be rather regularly, along with the regular haircuts.

Here is the end result.  I wasn’t sure at first, but now I really like it … not sure if that’s because I’ve gotten used to it or because Rob keeps saying how he likes my haircut.  Either way I’m happy with how it turned out, still working on training the hair to cooperate and stay away from my face, but it’s getting there (not used to using so much hairspray anymore).  Regardless it’s out of my face now, I don’t constantly have hair around my face like before.  I also like it because it’s a versatile style.  I can wear it the way it was meant to be cut, one side tucked behind the ear gives a new look and both sides makes it look like my hair is cut short.  I can part it different to give it a different look and I’ve even managed to get away with hardly doing it and it still has some style.  As long as I can get it cut the same way each time (seems a challenge at times, why is it that even when you go for the same haircut it always seems to come back different each time?) I think I can handle this haircut for awhile.

P1050542 P1050543

Side view … still have a bit of an issue with those nape area hairs, but mostly workable with a bit of hairspray to keep them down and in place.


One side tucked


Both sides tucked


It doesn’t really show up on the picture, but here’s a “fluffier” view, when I parted it on an angle.  It took Rob a bit to decide which way he liked better, but after an hour or so he said he liked the above way better.  So I haven’t really worn it that way again, but if I do it’s going to need a bit of training because the second picture shoes that same hairdo a few hours later (factor in hot humid weather)


So there you have it … a actual blog with pictures of myself … now that doesn’t happen all too often!


Lisa said...

I really like it, Steph! Looks great on you! It's amazing how the style changes so much with just a little tuck behind your ear! It was nice to see photos of you :)

Anonymous said...

Super cute...Mine is similar and I like to put a zigzag part in to switch it up. It sure looks great on you.

HH said...

Steph, I have just got your blog back. My desktop, laptop, and netbook were all down for a while some time ago and I lost all my blog favourites. Today I did some blogging on my own blog and did some searching for some of my old favs. And here we are...catching up on your blog. Your hair looks amazing and I love it. It suits you and the highlights really freshen things up. I've just recently gone shorter as well and am also loving it. You look great!