Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dutch Village

As mentioned in my previous post, we went to the Dutch Village in Holland, Michigan for a day. Rob and I had been already when we were first married, but we figured the kids would enjoying seeing it as well. We went with John and Martha and six of their kids.

We started off by watching some "dutch" dancing to a very old street organ from the Netherlands. The kids also got a chance to learn and try out a dance but I didn't manage to get any good pics of that, so the one with them standing with the dancers afterwards in front of the street organ will have to suffice.

The kids had to clamour up and climb on each horse and buggy model at the park making sure that I took a picture of them on each one and with each of them driving. I'll just post one :)

It's hard to see on here that it is Marietta being delivered by the stork. I have a picture of Rob sitting in that same delivery pouch some 10 years ago ... cept I'm not at home right now so I can't post a copy of it to go with this one.

The Old Women who Lived in the Shoe :) ... with the little boy who slid down the slide. That's what I think of when I see this shoe, but I realize that's it more the idea of a dutch wooden klompen to play in/on.

Ja, such a cute Dutch family, eh! ;)

Here is the ride that ruined our holidays, the Swing Chair Ride. Well it wasn't quite that bad, but it definitely put a damper on our holidays. Rob forgot that he is 10 years older then the last time he went on this ride. He kept saying afterwards how he had been on it before and had not had any issues. The ride swings you around at great speeds ... just looking at it makes me dizzy. A few of us were wise enough to not even attempt it. Of the rest ... only two had any sort of desire to ride it again, Rebecca and Wayne, and indeed they did ride it again, several times. Then there was Rob, he wasn't feeling so great afterwards, and about an hour later he gave up and went to the van to try sleep it off for a bit. This is pretty much how the rest of our holidays went. Rob had to lay down from time to time because he was dizzy and inbalanced. He could not turn around in any sort of circle (e.g. packing up the hotel room - small room, not much space, constantly turning around) and was very quickly exhausted, having to sleep lots. We assumed the ride had given his vertigo and thankfully it went away after almost two weeks and he was back to himself before he started school. But it did put a bit of a damper on our holidays. No more swing rides for Rob ... no more rides for Rob!
There were a variety of animals that the kids could pet and hold and even take for a walk ... a true petting zoo. We could take the goats for a walk ... or they take us for walk, or refuse to take us for a walk. They could pick up the little bunnies and hold them. They could pet the lamma

This was Matthew's highlight of the day, the Peddle Pumper Cars. He went on this ride many times and definitely got his workout in the scorching heat. They had to pump the handle back and forth to make the train go. I didn't think Matthew would make it around the first corner, let alone around the track ... and most definitely not the number of times he went around. He loved it and still gets all excited whenever he sees pictures of it. Matthew is not a child who likes rides, he likes to be in control of what is going on and does not like any sort of ride or entertainment where he feels a lose of control, he also doesn't seem to like much motion as recently I had to stop taking our "new" backroad way to get into Hamilton because he could not handle the hills on the road. This type of ride was definitely his style.

The girls were actually too big for the ride since there knees were in the way of where they had to pump, but one of the employees let them on once so they got their chance at it also.

Also in the village were different stops where you could stop and watch them make wooden shoes or delft items or cheese or candles or watch a video about the Netherlands. We stopped at each demonstration to see what we could learn and toured around the various shops in order to cool down from the heat.
I think this one fits Matthew :)

Room to grow!

The candle shop was amazing to watch. You can see her making a candle here and i the background you can see all the different coloured candles. The one she was making was a variety of white and beige colours. They dip the candle wick in about 30 different wax colours/layers according to how they want the candle to look and then they have about 10-15 minutes while the wax is hot to cut and shape the candle. Too bad the candles cost around $45 to buy, at least they make it a bit more worthwhile since they make them so that you can place a tea light in the top and you do not actually burn the beautiful candle away. (You can see a better picture of themand how they are made here)

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