Thursday, August 4, 2011


I take turns each year going with the girls for their school trips.  This year it was Rebecca’s turn.  But as Marietta has moved up into the “older grades” that meant that she would be going to a different place on a different day.  Due to bussing they are unable to have the whole school go on the same day.  When the Newsmaker came home saying they still needed parents for the older grades trips I volunteered since I really do like to go along on these trips. 

Sooooo … after spending a day walking around Marineland it was off to Bingemans the next day.  Bingemans is a waterpark – waterslides and wave pool but they also have go-karts and  indoor entertainment such as rock climbing, rope course, mini-golf  and play structure.  Upon arrival it was looking like we would be spending most of the day indoors, but thankfully the weather held off, and although it wasn’t sunny or the warmest, the kids were still able to enjoy swimming.

The internet advertised some new waterslides … but upon arrival we discovered that some weren’t even finished being built yet (Full Throttle) , and the others weren’t open yet as they were still testing and figuring it out (Boomerango).  That was a bit disappointing, but there were still enough other waterslides to keep busy on.  And yes, I did go down the slides and I even went on the Cyclone, which wasn’t really that bad.  And I even come home without an earache.  I do not go under water as the tiniest bit of water in my ears and they hurt.  I do not find that earplugs work, water still gets in them.  But I used the ear plugs and managed to make it through the day without getting too much water in the ears and surprisingly no sore ears and no headache from the echoy noises from wearing earplugs.


Rock Climbing.  Marietta did fine on the easier level ones, but wasn’t able to get the hard level … it was fun regardlessP1050294P1050300  

Made it to the top of the dark/inside wall one    P1050302P1050303











The Rope Course.  There was too big of a line-up to try the rock climbing, but I did want to give the Rope Course a try.  I decided to skip Karen’s advise about just walking across with your arms to balance … seeing as you have your safety harness on to stop you from falling.  Karen discovered it was a bit harder then she thought and using the rope of your harness might be a good idea until you’re a bit more experienced at type rope walking.


Some crosses were easier then others but on my way back I figured I’d give a try at a few harder ones.  This one wasn’t too bad, but the next one got a bit harder because the hand ropes went really low, meaning you couldn’t use them to steady yourself.  But I made it back in one piece without any stumbles or falls.


Mini Golf was glow in the dark.  We didn’t have a lot of time left so the kids just went through the course and played the ones that they thought looked fun. 

P1050323 P1050324

It was nice that the extended the days for the school trips since the drive was an hour and a half each direction.  This meant the kids still had decent time to play before we had to head back.  Only two more days of school after that!

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