Monday, August 8, 2011

Shorter II

After I buzzed Matthew’s hair the first time he excitedly went to the mirror and looked at it.  But then disappointedly said “That’s not like Greg’s”

Greg had been over for lunch on Sunday and when the conversation of haircuts came up and that Matthew was going to get his buzzed off Greg told Matthew he should get it cut just like his … Greg has his right down to the wood … bald and shiny.  Matthew thought this was a great idea, but quickly noticed that his hair was not as short as Greg’s

He continued to ask for his hair like Greg’s, but unfortunately his mother (and father) were not in support of this idea.  Seeing as I had started his first buzz at a 1/2” I still had some room to go shorter, so next time it was down to 3/8”, but a week or so later I decided to go down to 1/4”.  This still was not good enough for Matthew and he continued to ask for his hair like Greg’s.  Finally I went down to 1/8”.

Upon looking in the mirror Matthew was very excited …”Just like Greg” … ah, but then he decided to run his hand over his hair and discovered there was still some hair there, it’s just so blonde he could hardly see it.  But he was happy with this result … and funny thing is, Rob decided he liked it that way better then when it was buzzed at 1/2”.  So 1/8” it is from not on … not that I’ve had to cut it since, maybe I should do that soon again it’s probably more like 3/4” long now.

Here’s Matthew proudly sporting his new hair-do … and his sisters glasses, which actually look good on him.  Hopefully we have a few more years to wait before we have to get him some of those (I figure it’s inevitable with the rest of the family wearing them).

 P1050339-1 P1050334-1

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