Friday, August 14, 2009


Summer and Water. These two should go hand in hand ... if the weather is warm enough.

Well we've certainly had water this summer ... in the form of rain. The crops are growing beautifully but they are suffering now from too much rain and need some more heat and warmth. Thankfully this past week we have gotten some of that type of weather. As many have been saying this week "finally summer has arrived". It is suppose to be 31C tomorrow, it will be the first time we've hit the 30's since the second last week of June ... very abnormal for Ontario, to say the least.

It's been a cool and wet summer. Those days that we did reach 25-28C were often still not that warm because we always seemed to have a cool wind with it. The nights cooled down to 11-15C keeping the days nice and cool. All in all it's my kind of summer. I'm not particularly fond of the hot weather, so I was liking it. Although I must admit that it would be nice to have had a few more hotter days so that it was a bit better for swimming for the kids. And it is nice if you don't have to worry about being rained out every time you make plans.

We bought a used blow-up style pool in the spring and after Rob patched up some of the holes in it we were finally able to put it up. Even though it wasn't that hot the kids still spent a lot of time in and out of the pool. It was not very deep ... just the right depth to cool them off and let them play, but not so deep that I always had to be out there watching them when they were in it. The could play in it whenever they wanted and could be found in it throughout the day and out, in and out. It was also just high enough that Matthew could not easily climb into it. I must say that this is also because he didn't want to get into it, for if he truly did want to he could have.

The kids just couldn't wait for it to be all the way full so they were in it as it filled.

I think Matthew only went in the pool twice - the first day we put it up and one other time. He loves to go swimming at the public pool. He'll kick and swim around in the water and loves to jump in. But he had no interested in going in this pool ...which was just fine with me. The couple times he went in it he was shaking so badly from being cold it's hard to believe he could still stand. Even when the pool was full he could still stand in it and walk around, which at least gave me a bit of piece of mind that between him not wanting to go in it and being able to stand up in it we were a bit safer.

As I mentioned before, water is in abundance here, and so the kids got to enjoy the sprinklers far more then I'd let them at home. The best part was that they could have two sprinklers going at one time as well as play in the pool. They had fun making up different games and running around tracking all kinds of grass into the pool!!

I figured this was more Matthew's size of a "pool" but even this he spent most of the time playing in the water from outside the bucket then actually sitting in the bucket. Ah well ... it's a whole lot easier that way ... least I didn't have to change him in and out of swimmers and swim clothes over and over.

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