Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Marietta's 9th Birthday

It's hard to believe it's already nine years ago that Marietta was born. Funny how it is that the birthdays of the oldest and youngest child always seem to "hit" the hardest. Maybe it's because in our house they're so close together ... maybe it's just me. Whatever the case, we are reminded that another year has gone by ... and while Marietta wishes they would go faster, we just wish we could freeze them and keep them small.

Marietta is a very indecisive child, always having much difficulty making up her mind when it comes to having to choose something (she gets this from her mother who has trouble making decision and analyzes too much ... that's where Rob comes in to review the information provided and make the final decision). So there was much evaluating, reviewing, changing of plans, etc. before she finally decided what she would like for her birthday this year. It took nine years, but finally I had to host a birthday party. Our kids are always given a list of choices for their birthday and so far they have never picked an actual kid birthday party.

But this was difficult for her to decide also ... seeing as we were living at grandma's ... away from her school friends, but close to her "country" friends. Who to invite? In the end she had two friends from school come for a sleep over and two country-friends join in the afternoon for the actual party. We were a bit worried how they would interact, but on the most it went okay, there was some friction/differences, but nothing that upset the party.

On July 14th Marietta celebrated her ninth birthday. And so here is her birthday by picture journal.

On Mondays we would head back to Hamilton for appointments, to mow the lawn, pick up the mail, etc. After this was completed Marietta's friends arrived and we left for the cottage. Once back at the cottage the girls oriented themselves, set up their sleeping area, etc and then had a fire with hot chocolate, s'mores, chips, sparklers, chattering, etc.

Sparker fun: Jessica and Marietta

It was then off to bed ... or to the bedroom ... where they watch some Little House on the Praire ... for a few hours. Since the sleepover was for Marietta and her friends that left Rebecca out ... and so I agreed that we could watch homevideos of when I was little instead. So we curled up in the family room and watched until about 12:30 at which time Rebecca was tired enough to agree to get some sleep even though the girls were still awake. I was in bed by 1:15am and the girls had just turned out the light and settled into bed. I'm not sure how long they stayed up as Marietta's time changed several times ... I'm thinking they fell asleep very shortly afterwards.

And of course ... who wants to sleep in on their birthday. So the kids were all up at a decent time and ready for breakfast. Breakfast involved a game to see who could make the best pancake. The first challenge was to make the best animal and the second to make anything they wished.

Marietta is making a rabbit and Rebecca a worm

Kelsie's house and Marietta's rabbit

Rebecca making a heart

Dolphin earings and necklace from Mom and Dad. A porcelian doll (the girls collect these) from Grandma

Reading the card

Party Time
Marietta's chose for a birthday cake was cupcakes. Again a game. This time it was contest to see who could make the best cupcake face.

Rebecca, Syvannah and Jessica hard at work designing their cupcakes

Left: The finished products.
Right: Judging the cupcakes (the girls did the judging to determine the best and the winner)

Shoestring licorice make fun drinking straws

Presents time

Marietta received lots of nice presents, especially a fair amount of craft and card making things, which she LOVES to do. I just have to show these pictures from one of the presents she received.

Marietta received a Big Bubbler from Hailey. The best part is that I captured Rebecca's face when she realized what it was. Rebecca has been asking for a couple years for Big Bubble and so she was absolutely thrilled by this present ...and so thankful that sometimes her sister is good at sharing! :)

A paper fight after the presents are opened

Game Time.

Balloon Hop. A race to the finish line without dropping your balloon (then you have to start over again). Next time I think I'll make it more challenging and tell them they can't hop, they have to walk ...teehee.

Balloon Pop. This game took some time because I gave the kids too much space to run ... but since it was not the warmest day this was a good thing as it heated them up so they had a desire to go in the pool afterwards (they didn't last long in the pool tho)

Potato Sack Race
... Hailey must have had some practice or something at this one as she just flew

Marietta had this thing with making eating time game time and so for supper they had hard-shell taco's. The challenge for this game was to see who had the neatest plate after they were done. We decided to go with just evaluating after the first taco as they were so busy concentrating they weren't really enjoying their meal.
We always grew up that on your birthday you received birthday bumps and a pinch to grow an inch. Not sure where this tradition comes from as nobody else seems to have heard of it ... but our kids love to keep this tradition. This year it was all kids giving the bumps ... usually mom and dad do it with the help of siblings. With mom and dad they get to fly high in the air and get light bumps when they come down .. not so with the kids ... Marietta didn't fly and she bumped hard. And then she got a few extra pinches this time ...so does that mean she'll be growing several inches??

No surprise that the girls slept in nice and long the next day! :)

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