Saturday, August 15, 2009

Matthew's 2nd Birthday

Aghhhh!!! My baby is two years old already. Was it really over two years ago that we welcomed this little bundle into our home. Funny how I'll never forget those days, but yet I can't remember them. That makes no sense to the average person, but anyone who is overwhelmingly busy at such a time will know what I mean. I remember clearly the day he was born, all that still stands out ... but those two months after he was born ... I remember little of the details. We lived in survival mode and he survived through it ... only to be cherished all the more several months later when we finally had the time to get to know him.

The weekend of Matthew's birthday we were supposed to have our annual summer family get-together for Rob's side of the family. We had offered "our" cottage as the location for this get-together and so it was expected to be a busy weekend. Matthew being only two I had planned to sort of skip over his birthday, make a few cupcakes for the day off and give him a couple presents.

Well two days before the weekend it was determined to call off the weekend because of all the rain we had and were expected to get (and did get). So I had to make a sudden shift of plans and instead plan somewhat of a birthday for Matthew.

I had no idea what to make for a cake. After some thought and a little help from the internet we combined Matthew's present with his cake.

To say he was thrilled would be putting it mildly. I missed getting a picture of the expression on his face when he first seen the cake (thankfully it's on video tho). The next few pictures say enough tho:

He would have been quite happy to mess up the entire cake by playing with it ... but a few of us were rather hungry and wanting a piece ... so he had to settle for a small section of the cake to play with. Needless to say none of it ended up in his mouth as he was so busy playing.
We had to go into "town" during the afternoon and were going to go out for supper. Last minute we decided to combine it to a bowling and supper evening. We had a lot of fun. The girls haven't gone bowling since Rebecca's 4th birthday so it's been quite some time and they had a ton of fun. I'm sure glad we take kids along as then we can get bumpers ... or I'd for sure lose!!! :)
Rob helping/teaching Matthew how to do it.

Butt Shots!! :)

By the end Matthew was doing it all by himself ... very determined little boy he is!!

Little over the line there, hey buddy! :)

When we got home it had stopped raining and he could enjoy his other birthday present. A nice tricycle which he's already put many miles on. It also comes with a push handle that you attach to the back (taken off for wrapping purposes) so that if we go for walks I can push him when he gets tired.

Matthew was so thrilled by his Bob the Builder toys and his tricycle that we really didn't need to give him the rest of his presents. But it was his birthday so we figured we better let him unwrap them. He was also quite thrilled by this transport truck that he received from Grandpa and Grandma.

In the past couple weeks Matthew has really grown up, losing more of his baby look and looking more like a toddler. He has also really begun to talk and now we're starting to hear more of what's going on in that little head. I get this strong sense of wanting to just grap him, hold him and not let him go ... as if that will keep him little!! Oh ... he's just growing up way too fast and I'm struggling with our decision not to have more children ... knowing it was the right decision but as my baby is no longer a baby it just feels like it's time to have another. I am thankful that the Lord gives me little reminders ever now and then as to why that decision was made and helps me to see the blessing I already have to enjoy each day again.

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amymom24 said...

Happy Birthday, Matthew! Can't believe he is two already! Love his cake - very well done!