Thursday, August 27, 2009

Port Dalhouise

Wow, I think I finally made it to my last post from our time at the "cottage" ... almost three weeks after the fact.
One lovely day Ange and I took the kids to Lakeside Park at Port Dalhousie for the day. What a nice little place to hang out for the day ...we always love free places and this one was pretty close to free. The kids loved it!!
The highlight of the park is the 5 cent carousel that Port Dalhousie is known for. The kids were pretty excited to be able to go on the carousel as many times as they wished seeing as one dollar buys a person 20 rides ... I don't remember how many times they actually went on the ride ... with other things to do throughout the day they couldn't exactly spend all day on the thing ... get rather dizzy after awhile.

Matthew was not quite so sure about this ride. The horse only managed to go up once and he was in a bit of a panic ... by the second time he was trying to scramble off of it. So I placed him in the sled in front of it. He wasn't all too sure about this idea either, but at least he sat still until the ride was over.

Although Matthew did not actually like to ride the merry-go-round, he did enjoy watching it. The park was right next to the carousel and each time the sound would go to let people know the carousel was going to start again he would stop playing and go stand in the corner of the entrance-way to watch. As the day wore on he seemed to get a bit more confident and so I thought I'd try take him on again ... he still didn't like the horse and refused to even sit on it. It took some sweet talking and convincing to get him to stay in the sled this time, but once the ride got started he seemed okay with the idea and settled down.

After spending some time on the carousel and at the park we went for a walk down to the end of the pier.

We filled our bellies with lunch and then headed off to the beach. It was a cool day and I was impressed that the kids stayed in the water as long as they did. They played for a while before they came back in to warm up and play in the sand.
Warming up after swimming

Building a sand castle .... gotta love Marietta's concentration level (check out the tongue :P)

After a snooze on mom's lap Matthew woke up and needed his two comforts(bottle and blankie) a bit before he got going again. I was surprised he did not go into the water a while lot ... except maybe to get his feet wet. He loves to jump into deep water but does not seem to like to actually swim or play in the water ... but he had fun playing in the sand and with the toys and trucks.

It was a nice day. The weather wasn't too hot and the kids had tons of fun and were good and tired by the end of the day.

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