Saturday, August 15, 2009

Roasting Marshmellows

The girls were quite thrilled that out in the country we could have fires. And so we made sure that we had several of them for them to enjoy sitting around and roasting marshmallows.

They were especially excited about burning the big pile by the field. Rob had been slowly adding to the pile as he did some trimming and cleaning up around the property. Each day the kids would ask if it was calm enough for "the fire" and if the wind was going in the right direction.

Finally we could have our big bonfire ... they were a bit disappointed that we couldn't have anyone over to enjoy it ... but seeing as we had to wait for just the right wind/calmness at just the right time ... it was rather hard to plan ahead. They also found out soon enough that bonfires aren't all that they had thought they would be.

The girls refused to give up and were determined to roast marshmallows, even though the fire was so hot they could hardly stand near it for more then a few seconds ... and every minute or so they had to go wash down their face with cold water because it was so hot.

Matthew was smart ... he figured it wasn't worth getting all hot and sweaty for ... he'd just eat the marshmallows "raw".

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amymom24 said...

Great updates, Steph! Looks like it was a fabulous summer. I'm sure it'll take quite a bit of adjusting to be back in the city again! Hoping it goes well:)