Saturday, August 8, 2009


Grandma told the girls they were allowed to dress up in her wedding dress and play with it. After saving it for 35 years and with all of us now married I guess she figured it wasn't worth trying to save anymore. I wonder what I'll do with my dress in future years. I made the mistake of having it boxed after our wedding. Seemed like a good idea and a good way to keep it preserved ... but now you can hardly see it, cept a tiny bit through the "looking glass/plastic", you can't touch it and you most certainly can't try it on. I don't expect my children will wear it, I fully realize styles change, so I'm not sure why I still have it ... ah well, for now it can stay in the box in the closet.

So the girls have had fun dressing up in Grandma's wedding gown, and just as much fun playing photographer. They take turns ... Marietta especially has a desire for photography and trying different ideas ... but in the end it's the traditional shots that turn out the best and look the nicest.

Some of these are actually my pictures ... if I had more time that day I would have loved to just play with the camera ... but I had to turn it over to Rebecca and get back to the work at hand.

Marietta's turn behind the camera with Rebecca as her subject.

Marietta has also discovered how to edit pictures, to trim and change their colour/tint/brightness/etc. So this is another thing she's been playing around with lately. Here is one she likes of Matthew playing with the wedding gown.

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