Monday, August 24, 2009

Tall Ships

Well here I am again ... still trying to catch up with blogging on our "cottage" time.

On the Saturday of the August long weekend we headed off to Canal Days in Port Colborne to check out the Tall Ships and various other free activities they had going on that day.

We were able to tour the deck of the US Brig Niagara. This is a replica of the ships used during the War of 1812. This replica was built in 1980 and currently used to travel from one location ot the next as a type of museum. This was a self guided tour with various sailors at different points throughout the ship to answer questions you might have. We did learn a few things, but it would have been much more valuable if it was a guided tour ... obviously not possibly given the number of people there.

Left: In case we fall overboard :)
Right: Checking out how heavy the ropes are

It was just amazing how many ropes there were for the masks

Captain and Co-Captain steering the ship

Eventually Matthew got a bit tired and decided he'd just crash out for his nap while we saundered along checking out the various vendors (it was a really big commercialized thing of course) and various displays.

The girls enjoyed trying out some rock climbing. There were three levels they could try so they each did easy. Rebecca didn't quite make it to the top, she was getting there, but then decided it was enough. Marietta did make it to the top. They both wanted to give it a try again later, but time didn't allow for us to get back there again.


Next was some fun at the Children's Playground. While the girls got their faces painted Matthew placed in the young kid section with various toys and ride-on cars/bikes. After that they headed off to the "Jumping Castles". Matthew's been on a trampoline a couple times, but this was his first try in a jumping castles ... needless to say he was quite thrilled by it ... he just couldn't get the concept of having to wait in line for a turn :) There was a slide attached to the "castle" so he thought it would be great fun to ride the slide ... but riding the slide meant you came out of the castle and had to wait to go back in ... kinda hard to explain to a 2-year old that he was butting in line when he tried to climb back in the "castle" again.

While Matthew loved the jumping castle it did not compare to his glee and joy over getting a ride on a train. Look at those grins ... on the second picture you can see him signing train (it's suppose to be with two fingers but he always does it with one)

He was completely thrilled by the short few minute ride we got to go in. It wasn't even truly a train, just a train shaped tractor and wagons ... but no matter to him ... it was simply great and he was rather upset to have to get off so quickly.

It was a fun day ... a nice day out as family, especially since the kids didn't even notice the Midway Rides and Games so we didn't have to spend any money (or probably more like disappoint them because we refused to spend that much money on rides). The kids had a lot of fun and it was nice for us to just to get away as an entire family and do "nothing" for a day. We need more of those days ... but ya, I guess we wouldn't appreciate them as much if we had them too often, at the same time, a little more often wouldn't hurt :)

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