Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rebecca's Hair

Since Marietta got a post of her hair guess it's only fair to show our attempt at Rebecca's as well. Here she is wearing it with the tiara that she is suppose to wear for the wedding ... it's drowning in all that hair! :) Marietta was able to keep her hair in for a week after I braided it. Half a week and then we washed it and rerolled it and it was good for the rest of the week. I probably could have left it a bit longer but it was starting to get fuzzy ... much to her disappointment.

Since Rebecca's hair is a lot longer I could do all five braids right to the middle and then roll it ... and she still had more curls on top when she was done then Marietta had with her part braids (thick hair vs. thin hair). This means that if (when) the curl comes out we can just do some sort of ponytail or hair clips in the middle and not have to reroll it again. Unfortunate for her I ran out of mousse when I did hers, so it wasn't as caked and has gotten fuzzy faster, so it will likely come out tonight ... if I can convince her ...she doesn't have to go anywhere special the next few days so it doesn't really matter if she has fuzzy braids. I can't imagine having the same hair-do for 4 days and not having extremely greasy hair ... must be nice.


Steph said...

Someone asked me about the mousse I mentioned and what I do with it.

I braid the hair when it's wet, I find that's the only way to get a good long lasting braid. While it's still wet (good and wet) I pile in the mousse ... and I mean pile. This is almost more for the curls then the braids, but works well for both. Once I'm done the braids they are then plastered with hairspray while they are still wet. The combination of these two keeps the frizz down for several days (unless a really restless sleeper ... so therefore Rebecca's doesn't last quite as long).

I add a ton of mousse anytime I put rollers in. This means it takes a lot longer to dry (Rebecca's probably takes 15-20 hrs ... hard to say since she's sleeping part of it) and we have to blow dry them for a while before bedtime, but when you work with the curls they do not become a frizzy, fuzzy mess.

I enjoy doing the girls hair, it's fun and they enjoy it too. It's always a battle the day I say that it's just to messy to leave in any longer.

HH said...

Wow Steph! You have done a beautiful job with the girls hair. I can do braids...just...but I just can't do neat ones. They always have hair sticking out here in there. I think it's a little bit of a talent to do hair. I'm never much good with my own either. But, I'm so looking forward to Lieschen getting long hair so I can practise and do stuff with it...that's if she'll let me. Nice job! I bet the girls feel like real little princesses, they sure look it.

Andrew and Natalie VanderHeide said...

Hi Steph. I finally sat down today and read some was good to catch up. I love the photo page of James you posted a few days back, and it was good to read your post that day, too. We pray that in all your emotions (grief/joy/guilt, etc) you will be given stength to go on and to be at peace. Love the hair - you did a great job!!!

Chandra said...

*grin* I came on here to ask you what you did with the mousse. Thanks for the detailed response; I'll have to try that next time on my girls!

Kevin & Amy said...

Very beautiful! It will be many, many years before I can try things like that, but when I do, I know I will enjoy it as well. I always used to be the aunt that did all the niece's hair at family gatherings. Obviously I'm not able to do that anymore:) But that day will come again!

I'll wait to hear from you about next week, OK? Take care:)

Anonymous said...

I think you shoulda been a hair dresser!! :) i love it!