Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rebecca's 6th Birthday

So this past week has just been one of those weeks where nothing really pans out the way you expect it to. It already started off looking like a busy, full scheduled week, so Matthew's miserableness and the lovely flu bug weren't exactly things we had pencilled in ... but hey, when are such things!. Never mind the Snow Day the kids had on the one day I was hoping I'd be able to tackle a ton of things ... which ended up with Rebecca and I in bed with the flu.

I'm glad it was Rebecca who got the flu on Wednesday as it would be awfully hard to explain to her otherwise why we were simply not up to a party the next day. On Thursday she seemed better in character and was able to play but it was very obvious she was not well yet since it was not until 3pm that I heard her famous words "I'm hungry mom" and she finally decided to try a piece of toast. The day past mostly like any ordinary day, except that she opened one present first thing in the morning, other then that no comment was really made that it was her birthday. It helped that she got the best present first (a little Hook on Phonics electronic game) which kept her busy all day long.

On Friday she woke up feeling ready to go to school and off she went for the last school day before the two week March Break. The afternoon was spent practicing for the Easter Program they had at night. She informed me that she did not last through the entire practice because her stomach hurt and ended up having to sit out for a bit. She was only home for a bit and then crawled into bed with a sore stomach. Yet she insisted on going to the Easter Program, and who could blame her after all the practicing they'd done at school and the first time she got to actually be in the program instead of watching. We found a seat near the front so she could come sit with us if she ended up not feeling well, but she lastest through the whole thing, although as you can see from the picture of her sitting down she doesn't look all to healthy. She looked awful pale and I wondered a few times if she's survive. Since I could not see Marietta most of the Program I had no idea how she was doing, but the picture of her shows she wasn't fairing so well either ... although I had no idea at the time that she wasn't feeling well as she appeared fine when we arrived. When I picked her up after the Program she informed me that she did not feel well, not long after we found ourselves in the bathroom with her being sick ... thankfully in the toilet ... I don't even want to imagine the mess if it had happened on stage.

So Saturday arrives and it's Rebecca's "Birthday". Marietta wakes up feeling better (wish we all could recuperate as quick as her) and Rebecca says she's ready to have a party ... cept we're in the middle of a snow storm. The original plan for the day was to have my family down for the evening. We were going to go swimming and then have her birthday party afterwards. So we had to sit down with Rebecca (again) and explain that the party just wasn't going to be happening. Once she adjusted to this thought she was okay to move on to celebrating it with just us, and thankfully we knew the storm was coming so my parents had brought her birthday presents the night before when they came for the Easter Program.

So we had a quiet day at home where she spent a good part of the day playing with her presents. The girls spent some time outside in the blowing snow playing with a couple gifts Grandpa and Grandma left for them. She also received various craft things and games that they spent the afternoon playing with. Already two weeks ago Rebecca had decided what she was having for supper on her birthday and we heard about it I don't know how many times. So you know she wasn't feeling well when supper time came around, she took one look at her plate and said "my stomach hurts". She sat through supper and after supper we were going to have birthday cake and play Pin the Tail on the Donkey before heading off to bed on time due to time change, but once supper was over Rebecca asked to go to bed since her stomach hurt. The girls were both in bed by 6:30 and sleeping by 7:00 ... good thing we didn't have the family down.

So we still have birthday cake to eat and a game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey to play ... maybe tonight. (Thanks for the idea of a ladybug Helen ... Rebecca seen your blog and wanted one for her birthday, she had fun helping me decorate it.)

Rebecca stayed home from church this morning since she was up last night complaining about her stomach, but by lunch time it appeared she was doing okay again. This time around diarrhea has not set in (yet), but typical Rebecca style it's taking a while to recuperated. Rebecca has actually been complaining of stomach pains for quite some time (over half a year) already and is suppose to be seeing the Pediatrician about it but our appointment was cancelled when our Pediatrician had her baby ... and with her on maturnity leave now we're waiting to hear where we go from here. The pains she normally gets seem to be different then what she's getting now but it's hard to tell as she's not very good at describing what or where it hurts (except that it hurts in the middle of her stomach and hurts more when she lays down - she often goes to bed with a heat pad on it). We had put off taking her to the doctor for quite some time, first because we were too busy with James and then because I knew the response the doctors would give us .... "stress". And sure enough that was the initial explanation, and it's very well possible (althought given Rebecca's nature I don't think so), but we'd like to at least rule out any obvious problems. I'm not ready to go into a great medical search as she can function okay and it's not effecting her growth, but I'd just like to make sure there's nothing obvious. I am so sick of seeing doctors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have I mentioned that we go weekly for planter wart treatments on the girls feet, or Marietta with her bump that she had to have an ultrasound on (no results yet), or Rob who has to go for an echo because they detected a heart murmur ... oh, and you all know about Matthew. All minor things, but it just seems we're always running off to appointments (never mind dentists and ortho). Did I say "I AM SO SICK OF DOCTORS/HOSPITALS/TESTS!"?? I thought we were done with this stuff!! What is wrong with our family??? Okay, that's my vent for the day ... I of all people should know better ... there are much worse issues in life and we have dealt with much worse! So I will remind myself to be thankful for all that we have, we are all still healthy and instead of complaining I should be thankful that we have the doctors, tests, hospitals and means to help when things are not just right. There, I feel better already!! :)

And I thought I would include this picture from a month ago since it's Rebecca's favourite right now ... she loves to show everyone how her loose tooth is hanging out.


Kevin & Amy said...

Happy belated birthday! Sorry that things did not go as planned. I have a remote empathy for you and the being sick of doctors thing, but we have never had it to the degree that your family has had to deal with the medical system. But I have had similar feelings in the twins' first year of life.
I hope you lose your tooth soon, Rebecca! And I'll drop off your hat soon - sorry I didn't get to your place on Friday - I was already out in your neck of the woods before I realized I forgot it at home! Silly me:)
Hope you all get better soon!

HH said...

Wow Steph, what a jampacked week you've had. Hope the girls are on the up and up by now and things are settling down in your house. Is that I'm chuffed you got the lady bug birthday cake idea off my blog. I showed Hayden the pink one you made. He thought it was pretty neat. Hopefully the warmer weather coming up on your end of the world will do you all some good hey!