Sunday, April 6, 2008

Just Life in General

So it's been a while since I've written. Been rather busy around here, not really with any specific, just life in general I suppose. After two weeks of March Break, the week before that having a houseful of sick people and the weeks before that having Matthew so miserable he was a permanant attachment, I was starting to feel like nothing was getting done around here and the list was growing on things to catch up on (not like it ever stops growing). So it seems that's what the last couple weeks have been all about ... visitinng (maybe a bit too much of that, but it's so nice to get out and socialize :), babysitting, only two appointments, book club, women's society, shopping, wedding shower, adoptions shower, swimming lessons, organ/panflute concert, paperwork/computer work ... oh and did I mention cleaning and laundry and cleaning and cooking and cleaning ... sometimes it seems like all I ever do is clean. And right now we're dealing with strep throat ... hopefully only Marietta gets it. She's been fighting since Thursday and having a rough time. We got antibiotics yesterday but this morning she was much worse and was dizzy and vomitting (dry heaves since there's nothing in her stomach). So we stopped the antibiotics thinking she's reacting to them and have to go this afternoon for an appointment to get some new stuff.

So anyways, that's about the sum of it, here's a few pics to go with it. I told Joyce I was going to figure out how to post videos just so I could post the video of how well we surprised her for her shower ... but ... well ... I haven't even gotten around to getting the video from my camera to my computer, let alone from my computer to my blog ... lucky you Joyce!! :)

My sister Val is getting married on May 31st. She was not surprised for this shower ... but maybe we'll manage for the family one!!

Joyce and Ryan

The girls thought this game was just great ... good thing I don't have any cottonballs at home or I know I'd be finding them all over in their attempt to master the skill.

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