Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March Break, Week 2

Well I think two weeks was a long enough break, I for one was ready to see the kids go back to school again and get back into routine again. But our holidays were enjoyable and relaxing, so I think they served their purpose.

Week 2 was a bit more mellow. Monday was wart treatment again and off to the library (long overdue, can't remember the last time we've gone to the library). Tuesday was a stay-at-home day where the kids entertained themselves with some of the gifts Rebecca received for her birthday. Wednesday we had friends down for a good part of the day. Thursday the girls and I went with my parents to St. Jacob's Farmers Market. It's been a good number of years since I've been there, the last time was before Rob and I were married. Hasn't changed much, still same stuff, can't say I've missed much over the past years. I'm not much of a market person and being as frugal as I am I don't put much stock in paying more for something just because it came from the market. I know, I should learn to be more faithful to the Canadian product ... not that it was all Canadian . Seeing as our poor children our growing up as city slickers they really enjoyed watching the cattle from up top in the viewing barn and spent some time sitting with Grandpa in the auction ring. And I now have a house full of candies and snack-cakes as Grandpa can't go to the market without stopping to make sure his favourite candyman stays in business.

After the market closed we went next door to the Outlet Mall ... Outlet here being false advertisment as there was nothing cheap in the place. But the kids enjoyed their time at Bricks and Blocks (Lego Store). They have an area setup where kids can build and play with various lego items. There was one section where the kids could build a race car and then they could put it on the race ramp and see who's did the best. The girls spent some time there with Grandpa (while mom and I shopped :), figuring out how to build something that would stay together, or wasn't top-heavy


Good Friday arrived signalling the end of the holidays was near. Our lives center around what Christ did for us on the cross, but what a joyous blessing it is to have a day set apart to once again remember the death of our Lord and Saviour and two days later to celebrate our risen Saviour who conquered death and the grave.
We went to the in-laws for Friday afternoon and for supper. Saturday was catch-up day around the house and Sunday we spent at my parents after church. And so ended our March Break and time to get back into routine. I think we need a bit more practice as the girls missed the bus Monday morning and this morning Marietta came close again ... good thing we live so close to the school. Maybe now they'll take me serious when I tell them to hurry up.
Do you think Grandma's sunglasses suit the girls?


Anonymous said...

I just have to tell you that I love the hairstyles your girls come to church with. About three weeks ago I made a comment to Marietta how pretty her hair was, and she gave the lesson on how to do it...now if only Leah would let me and if the twins had enough hair to do it...maybe when they are ten I will be able to try it on them :)
Julia Meerveld

Steph said...

Thanks Julia!

I enjoy doing it, and the girls like to have it done. If they had their way it would be fancy like that every Sunday.

Well since Marietta knows everything (*cough cough*) I'm sure you'll be an expert at doing hair when Leah lets you. :)

Kevin & Amy said...

Well, it sure sounds like the holidays were busy, even though you say they weren't overall. I'm glad you had a chance to do some fun day trips as well. I haven't been to the market since before we were married, either.