Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lunch Anyone?

Marietta decided to make lunch for us today ... completely on her own without any assistance from me (I was busy feeding Matthew) .... okay I turned the stove on for her, but that's it. She thought this was worthy of a blog entry, although I'm not sure why considering the outcome. She seemed too proud of her accomplishments to be deterred by her "over" achievement. One look at the picture will tell you what I mean! :) We knew lunch was ready when the smoke detector went off!! :)

But since we were able to salvage the results by scrapping the burnt stuff off she didn't seem too upset (I thought she would have been quite upset), and seemed to figure it was a lesson learned. She says she learned two things: next time use a bit more margarine and don't count to 100 inbetween flipping each sandwich. If you look you can see that one is not as burnt. After she flipped it she counted to 100 figuring she had put it in after the first one so she should wait to flip it.

She enjoys helping and catches on quickly, so I'm glad she wasn't discouraged by the outcome or she would be afraid to try again.

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HH said...

I am so glad she wasn't discouraged either. What a good girl! The results weren't too bad Steph, now come on ;) There's only one way to learn and that's by making mistakes they say, so I think next time you are going to get perfect toasties!