Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rebecca's B-day

I'm due for an update, but instead I'll be heading off to bed early ... second night in a row as I try to recuperate from the stomach/muscle flu. Today was suppose to be Rebecca's birthday. Well in all technicality it still was, but we will be celebrating it on Saturday instead, hopefully she will be fully better by then also ... if tonight is any indication then she should be good ... depending on whether her typical 4 day diarrhea-after-vomitting sets in.

Somehow I still managed to take Matthew to his GI appointment today, not quite sure how I survived it, but given their rescheduling option I didn't have a choice. More on that when I have time and a clearer head ... for now I'm off to bed.


Kevin & Amy said...

Yikes! Hope you guys feel better soon! Happy birthday, Rebecca:)

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the March Break will be more relaxing ;-)
Looking forward to hearing an update on Matthew...
Till then take care,
Henrietta VanderLaan

HH said...

Oh Steph, never a dull moment hey! Hope you all feel better soon. Lucky Rebecca, she gets two birthdays this year :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Rebecca! So sorry you weren't feeling super. At least you have all of March Break to rest and enjoy being with your family.

We, too, are looking forward to an update on Matthew.

Arend and Willa Dale