Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Marck Break, Week 1

Well week one of the March Break has come and gone and we’re on to week two now. We had an enjoyable week with some various little outings to keep the kids busy. Sometime it came be rather handy living in the city, where you can just pop out to do something and come home inbetween to keep Matthew on his nap schedule.

We finally completed Rebecca's birthday celebrations on Sunday with birthday cake and a game of Pin the Tail on the donkey ... talk about a drawn out birthday. Actually it has been even more drawn out as at the end of the week she received more presents from those who were suppose to come to her birthday party, and from some friends from school. Maybe it was worth being sick on her birthday?!? :)

Our Monday was a quiet day with a wart treatment appointment and then I took the kids out for supper at MacDonalds as I had agreed to take them out for lunch or supper since Rebecca didn't have a birthday party. Tuesday we spent the day in London at the ortho and visiting family there. Once upon a time we used to make a monthly visit to London for these appointments and it was nice for the girls to keep close contact with their cousins ... it's been a long time since our last Ortho visit but it sort of felt like "old times".

Wednesday we were in and out lots, the day just sort of clicked together nicely as we do most things on a last minute basis depending on Matthew. Matthew was back in bed for a nap at 8:30am and since Rob was home for the morning the girls and I headed off to the sledding hill to get one last sled in before the snow melted. Being at the hill at 8:45am means you don't have to worry about watching out for kids when sledding ... it also means there's no one there to help you when you get stuck in the parking lot. After a brief panic on what I was going to do about this one ... the girls and I set to work to dig ourselves out and were actually successful pretty quickly ... a bit of digging and some chipping away at the ice and we were able to move enough to rock ourselves out ... and off to enjoy some sledding time. Considering we had just had another good snowstorm over the weekend the hill did not have snow on it and with a few warmer days it had become rather hard and bumpy ... so I'd say that's our last sledding trip even though there's still snow (better classified as ice) out there now. We returned home in time to have a snack before Matthew woke and we went off to the Mall to attend one of there daily shows, this one was a juggler, which the girls thoroughly enjoyed. Some shopping, home for lunch and nap and then off for some skating yet before supper time.

Thursday we went swimming and Friday we went off to the Sugar Bush at Agape Valley and a visit at my parents (and a couple other short visits on the way home). The kids enjoyed seeing how Maple Syrup was made and we found a nice place where admission is free (even bumped into some friends there ... it's the dutch blood that draws us to these things eh ;) Since we saved on admission costs we instead enjoyed some food there, at a reasonable price. I have not been to any of the other local Sugar Bush places, so I can't compare on the tour or information, but we thought it was worth our trip ..even if it was a bit further (didn't matter to us since we combined it with a visit to Grandma's).

While Rebecca went to a birthday party Saturday morning Marietta helped me out in the kitchen getting some stuff ready for Sunday ... won't be long and I'll have her fully trained ... haha!! :) After bath I braided up Marietta's hair and put rollers in it as I had promised her. She loves having "five braids" in. This is where I braid them all to the center of her head, so at the back of the head they go in upside down. Then we usually put a few rollers in to make the middle look nice. This time I did not braid them completely to the centre so we could put more rollers in ... she loved how it turned out and wants it this way for her Aunt Val's wedding (her and Rebecca are flower girls).

And now we're into week two of the holidays. Hope you are all enjoying your time as well.


Michelle said...

WOW steph you are quite the hair stylist!! That is amazing!

HH said...

How on earth do you fit all those things into one day, Steph? You must be superwoman. Sounds like you all had a blast anyway. Might as well make the most of it while the snow is still there. That's something we can only dream about.
The hairdo looks fantastic. I can't wait to do things in Lieschen's hair. I have a while to wait though...lol. I can't even keep a hairclip in, her hair is that thin it falls straight out. But we'll get there. That would look so cute on flowergirls. I can just imagine the style with a few little flowers around the perimeter of the head...hmmm...too cute.
Thanks for popping by on my blog today :)

Kevin & Amy said...

Sounds like you had a great week! I was going to ask you if you had been out to visit your parents yet, and here you answered my question:) I also love the hairdo! I can't wait to do things like that for my girls.