Monday, November 19, 2012

Year End Recital

At the end of each piano year the kids have a music recital.  We usually call it the piano recital but I guess since there is also organ and now voice (Marietta) music recital would be more applicable.

Much of the year end recital was similar to the music festival since the were quite close together this year.


The girls did add in a duet at the last minute.  Rebecca played “On top of Spagetti” and Marietta sang.  It was nice to see them working together on it.  They did a nice job.

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Yup gotta love this boy.  Rob arrived late, still in his work clothes.  Matthew was tickled orange to be able to play with the earplugs … what better time to use earplugs then when your sisters are playing and singing.  He was also happy to have a picture taken with his mohawk haircut which I allowed him to have from Monday to Saturday … it had to come off before church.


I did tell Matthew he better pay more close attention because if he keeps up the way he’s going with his piano lessons from Marietta he’ll be playing at the recital next year too!

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