Monday, November 19, 2012

May Long Weekend

With Rob’s “sudden” decision to quit school in May we suddenly had a free long weekend to take off and do some visiting.  So we packed up and headed off to Grand Rapids to visit John and Martha and kids for the weekend. 

A lovely weekend it was, beautiful weather, relaxing time.

P1100449 2

Matthew of course was in his glory with the excessive game time he was allowed while there.  His computer/game time is limited at home as there are so many other much better things to do with ones time and he is one of those kids who would quite gladly spend all day behind the computer if he wasn’t told to get off.

P1100455 2

Swing time was also another thing of the weekend since the men just finished putting up a swing.


It was baseball season and so the kids spent parts of their weekend outside with their bat and gloves practicing

P1100469P1100472P1100468 2

Rob and John joined in for a bit to give them some more of challenge


Matthew also gave it a bit of try for a little bit …his attention span being a little shorter.


Me … I rather sit and sip my tea and look from a distance.  I’m not a sports person… and I’m definitely not a baseball person … it’s much safer if I just stay in my chair.


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Michelle VanderVelde said...

I love this picture of you Steph.