Monday, November 19, 2012

Music Festival 2012

The local Music Festival is suppose to be in March, but this year it didn’t happen until May.  The girls were just happy that it did happen as they look forward to the challenge each year. It`s unfortunate that the festival isn’t better advertised so that there is more competition as there really wouldn’t have been much of a festival without our Elementary Schools participation, maybe next year we’ll have to try a different area and see how that works.

Because the girls each entered in various categories our entries ended up being spread out throughout the day, making it pointless to travel back and forth to school in between entries.  So we ended up staying the whole day and helping out with some of the organization aspects.

Rebecca entered in two piano categories this year and took home 1st in one and 2nd in the other.


Marietta entered in one piano category and took home 1st place.


Marietta and Rebecca both took voice lessons during the summer of 2011.  After the summer they continued on a bi-weekly basis.  We quickly seen that Marietta was a natural and Rebecca was struggling in her sisters shadow, which was causing problems.  After talking to Rebecca it was decided that Marietta would carry on with voice lessons and put to use the talent she has been given, but we did not feel that Rebecca needed to have to try and compete to keep up to her sister since we are all built with different talents and this was not one of her.  We did not put them in voice lessons to great friction and competition but to strengthen something they both loved to do.  Rebecca still loves to sing, she just isn’t designed with the same voice as her sister or the desire to perform as Marietta quite enjoys doing.

It`s always nice to come home with a ribbon, but it`s even nicer to come home with something if you actually had competition in your category.  Marietta came home with the 1st Place Ribbon for her voice song, but she was also the only one in the Grade 1 category.  This didn’t help her to gage how she is doing in comparison to others at her level but having to sing in competition and in front of an audience helps make the practicing worthwhile.  Receiving a mark also gave her a bit of an idea where she stands. P1100354_1

The Grade 5 and 6 class from school also entered and the same applied for them … it would be nice if they actually had some competition.  But they sang wonderfully and it really was lovely to hear. We were actually told that the other school don`t want to enter once they know our school is entering.  How wonderful it is to know that we take the time to train our children to sing, especially because the majority of the time that singing it singing praises to God.


The girls also played a duet together and received 2nd place for it.


First place winners return in the evening to perform in the concert and this year they also had all the duet winners come and play (because the choir couldn’t make it to perform and they needed a filler), so the girls each had a solo piano piece as well as their duet to play and Marietta had to sing her voice piece to sing at the evening concert.

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